DM182015-1 8-Bit Wireless Development Kit

Microchip's DM182015-1 with 2.4 GHz MRF24J40, a great tool to develop wireless applications

Microchip DM182015-1 8-Bit Wireless Development Kit Microchip's 8-bit wireless development kit with 2.4 GHz MRF24J40 is an easy-to-use evaluation and development platform for IEEE 802.15.4 application designers. This kit includes Microchip’s MRF24J40 transceiver module and also features Microchip’s PIC18 XLP microcontroller family. The kit includes complete hardware needed to rapidly prototype wireless applications. The demonstration kit is pre-programmed with MiWi protocol stack and designers can find the demo instructions in the user’s guide. The PIC18 demonstration board is equipped with a 28-pin PICtail™ connector to interface with Microchip's wireless transceiver PICtail™ daughter boards such as MRF24J40MA, MRF89XAM8A and MRF49XA. Developers can reprogram or modify the PIC18 MCU Flash memory and develop and debug application code all on the same platform.   DM182015-1 User's Guide

  • MiWi™ stack support – MiWi, MiWi P2P and MiWI Pro
  • PIC18F46J50 MCU featuring nanoWatt XLP technology for extreme low power
  • MRF24J40MA FCC/IC/ETSI certified module with 25AA02E48 EUI node identity serial EEPROM on
    PICtail™ daughter board
  • MCP9700A temperature sensor
  • LCD display to develop interactive wireless demos (removable for lower power)
  • Board can be powered by either AA batteries or 9 V power supply or external power supply or USB
  • RS232 serial accessory board – for debug purposes
  • Support other radios – both in 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz frequencies through PICtail™ connector

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Part Number
Kit Contents  
DM182015-1 DM182015-1-ND   •  Two PIC18 Wireless Development Boards
  •  Two MRF24J40MA transceiver PICtail™ daughter boards
  •  Two RS232 Serial Accessory boards
  •  Two LCD Serial Accessory boards
  •  Two Mini B USB cables
  •  Two RS232 serial cables
DM182015-1 User's Guide