AC164142 PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board

Microchip AC164142 PICtail Plus Daughter Board

Microchip's PLM PICtail™ Plus daughter board provides communication over power-lines using a BPSK modulation scheme.

Microchip's Power-Line Modem (PLM) PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board provides communication over power-lines using a Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) modulation scheme. These boards interface to the popular Explorer 16 Development Board and operate in the CENELEC consumer frequency band at a carrier frequency of 129.6 kHz. The software modem runs on the dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controller and utilizes an Analog Front End to interface to the AC power mains. Each of the communication nodes utilizes a high voltage (HV) adapter cable that connects the Consumer-Band BPSK-Based 7.2 Kbps Power-Line Soft-Modem to the AC mains. The HV adapter cable incorporates the circuitry required to provide the noise-filtering and isolation from the power-line.   AC164142 User's Guide

  • Operates on 5 V and 9 V power supply
  • Modulation and demodulation in software
  • Software selectable baud rates: 1200, 2400, 3600, 4800, 5400, and 7200
  • Variable transmit power level setting
  • Compatible with 220 V / 50 Hz and 110 V / 60 Hz power-lines

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