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MIC3223 High Power Boost LED Driver

Micrel's robust LED driver for many lighting applications

Click here to Enlarge - MIC3223 High Power Boost LED DriverMicrel, Inc.'s MIC3223 is a constant current boost LED driver capable of a driving a series string of high power LEDs. The MIC3223 can be used in general lighting, bulb replacement, garden pathway lighting, and other solid state illumination applications. The MIC3223 is a peak current mode control PWM boost regulator, and the 4.5V and 20V operating input voltage range allows multiple applications from 5V or 12V bus.

The MIC3223 implements a fixed internal 1MHz switching frequency to allow for a reduction in the design footprint size. Power consumption has been minimized through the implementation of a 200mV feedback voltage that provides an accuracy of ±5%. The MIC3223 can be dimmed through the use of a PWM signal and features an enable pin for a low power shutdown state.

The MIC3223 is a very robust LED driver, which offers the following protection features: over voltage protection (OVP), thermal shutdown, switch current limiting, and under voltage lockout (UVLO).The MIC3223 is offered in a low profile exposed pad 16-pin TSSOP package.

  • 4.5V to 20V supply voltage
  • 200mV feedback voltage with an accuracy of ±5%
  • Step-up output voltage (boost) conversion up to 37V
  • 1MHz switching frequency
  • 100mΩ/3.5A internal power FET switch
  • LEDs can be dimmed using a PWM signal
  • User settable LED current (through external resistor)
  • Available in an exposed pad 16-pin TSSOP package
  • Externally programmable soft-start
  • Protection features that include:
    • Output over-voltage protection (OVP)
    • Under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
    • Over temperature protection
  • Junction temperature range: -40°C to +125°C

  • Architectural lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Signage landscape lighting (garden/pathway)
  • Under cabinet lightingRoHS Compliant
  • MR-16 bulbs

Digi-Key P/N Micrel P/N Description Type Datasheet
576-3662-5-ND MIC3223YTSE IC BOOST LED DVR 16ETSSOP HBLED Driver Datasheet

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