Lumex, Inc. Supplier Page Lumex's 1-Watt SuperBeamLED™

Lumex's 1-Watt SuperBeamLED™ totes a through-hole design and an optical efficiency of 35 lumens per watt with a tight beam angle of 25 degrees. The SuperBeamLED™ drops 3.5V when driven with 350mA. This 10mm package is available in warm, neutral and cold white as well as red, yellow, blue and green. Well suited for a variety of intense lighting applications. Product Image

Part Number Color Wavelength Datasheet
67-2061-ND Red 630nm PDF Image
67-2057-ND Yellow 590nm PDF Image
67-2058-ND Green 525nm PDF Image
67-2059-ND Blue 470nm PDF Image
67-2060-ND White - PDF Image

Features/Options Applications/ukes
 • State-of-the-art, High Brightness Chip Technology
 • Choice of Colors and Lens Finishes
 • Maintenance Free Long Life
 • Flashlights
 • Illuminating Signs/Artwork
 • Decorative Lighting
 • Backlighting