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Lumex Surface-Mount OctoLEDs™ Provide Direct Replacement to Standard T-5mm Thru-Hole LEDs!

These devices are the result of a manufacturing breakthrough which combines SMT convenience with through-hole T-5mm LED size features. This is the first time that this high brightness level of up to 7,000mcd (dependent on color) has ever been available from any conventional SMT LED running at the common If of 20mA. Not only do these devices provide an off-the-board height of 11mm (0.43 inches) and occupy a circuit board footprint of 6mm x 6mm (0.24 x 0.24 inches), but they are also available on standard 24mm tape for automatic insertion. Lumex OctoLEDs are ideal for any design where there is a need to transition from through-hole to SMT technology, without sacrificing the light emission features of epoxy lenses! RoHS compliant. Patent Pending.
Surface-Mount OctoLEDs™
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Lumex LEDs Product Training Module

Digi-Key Part Number Color Millicandela Rating Datasheet
67-2065-2-ND Red 700mcd SML-H1505SIC-TR
67-2066-2-ND Orange 1,500mcd SML-H1505SOC-TR
67-2067-2-ND Green 200mcd SML-H1505SUGC-TR
67-2068-2-ND Yellow 750mcd SML-H1505SUGC-TR
67-2069-2-ND Green 7,000mcd SML-H1505UPGC-TR
67-2071-2-ND Blue 2,500mcd SML-H1505USBC-TR
Digi-Key Part Numbers: 2-ND = Tape & Reel; 1-ND = Cut Tape; 6-ND = Custom Qty with Leader/Trailer

Features/Options Applications/Uses
 • State-of-the-art, High Brightness Chip Technology
 • Choice of Colors and Lens Finishes
 • Lead Frame / Lens Casting Reliability
 • Easy-to-Solder Leads, Tin Finish
 • Available Bulk or on Tape and Reel
 • Front Panel Indication
 • PCB Multi-LED
 • Industrial Control or Fault Indicators
 • Circuit Fault and Large Scale Multi-Color Light Bars
 • Large Display Edge Illumination
 • Dot Matrix Moving Sign Displays
 • Any Other Dot Matrix Arrays where each LED needs to be
   Addressed Individually