Lumex, Inc. Supplier Page Lumex 1-Watt LuxLEDs™

Lumex's latest addition to their family of high power products delivers maximum light from the smallest possible footprint. At only 1.8mm in height, Lumex's new 1-Watt LuxLED™ emits a brilliant light with 30 lm @ If=350mA. In addition, the LuxLED™ can also provide at least 50,000+ hours of useable life. This powerful, new 1-Watt LED comes in a variety of colors including red, yellow, green, blue, as well as several shades of white. Lumex's LuxLED™ is well suited for a variety of high brightness lighting applications and industries, including automotive, architectural, emergency lighting, traffic lighting and signage.

Features/Options Applications/Uses
• State-of-the-Art, High Brightness • LCD Backlighting
  Chip Technology • Illuminating Signs/Artwork
• Choice of Colors and Lens Finishes • Decorative Lighting
• Easy-to-Solder Leads, Tin Finish • Warning and Alarm Lights
• SMT Package Eliminates Thru-Hole  

Lumex LuxLEDs™

Digi-Key Part Number Lumex Part Number Color Peak Wavelength Voltage Rating Viewing Angle
67-2045 SML-LX2723SIC-TR Red 630nm 2.0V 120°
67-2046 SML-LX2723SYC-TR Yellow 590nm 2.0V 120°
60-2047 SML-LX2723UPGC-TR Green 525nm 3.2V 120°
67-2048 SML-LX2723USBC-TR Blue 470nm 3.2V 120°
67-2049 SML-LX2723UWC-TR White - 3.2V 120°
  Digi-Key Part Numbers:  -2-ND = Tape & Reel;-1-ND = Cut Tape;  -6-ND = Custom Qty with Leader/Trailer