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Lumex Offers Mosaic Innovation with its
New InspirationLEDs™

Lumex is proud to introduce three new, exciting colors to its already wide menu of LED color choices. The new Lumex InspirationLEDs™ will now offer color choices in shades of purple (V), pink (P) and turquoise (T). These state-of-the-art LEDs offer high brightness chip technology in a 5mm package and is currently available in the SSL-LX5093 model. These unique-colored LEDs are ideally suited for a variety of uses in the medical, automotive and appliance industries, or any other soft lighting application. Additionally, these products are RoHS compliant. Product Image

Part Number Color Voltage Rating Datasheet
SSL-LX5093PC Pink 3.2V PDF Image
SSL-LX5093TC Turquoise 3.2V PDF Image
SSL-LX5093VC Purple 3.2V PDF Image

Features/Options Applications/Uses
 • State-of-the-art, High Brightness Chip Technology
 • Choice of Colors and Lens Finishes
 • Lead Frame / Lens Casting Reliability
 • Easy-to-Solder Leads, Tin Finish
 • Available Bulk or on Tape and Reel
 • Lead Trimming and Forming Available
 • Custom Shapes, Easily Tooled, Low Minimum
 • Soft Lighting Applications
 • Medical Diagnostics Indicators
 • Board or Panel Indicator or Illumination
 • Annunciator and Control Panels
 • Telecom Switches and Central Station Equipment
 • Large Panel Indicators