Twinchip Product ImageTwinChip Series - Axial Sidactors

The TwinChip Axial Series SIDACtor provides a Broadband Optimized™ overvoltage protection solution for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as DSL modems and VoIP terminal equipment. By utilizing TwinChip Technology, this series of products can deliver the speed of Thyristor protection along with lower capacitance that mitigates interference with high speed broadband signals. The product series is packaged in an economical DO-15 making it an ideal replacement for GDT or Spark gap protectors.

  Protection Solution for:
    • YD/T 950
    • YD/T 993
    • YD/T 1082
    • GR1089 Intra-building
    • IEC 61000-4-5
    • ITU K.20/21 Basic Level
    • TIA-968-A
    • RoHS compliant
    • Bidirectional transient voltage protection
    • Axial through-hole component
    • Teccor branded SIDACtor technology


Part Number
Voltage - Breakover Voltage -
Off State
Capacitance Package Digi-Key
Part Number
P2602GBLRP 300V 220V 25pF DO-15, Axial P2602GBLRPTR-ND Tape/Reel Datasheet Image
P2602GBLRPCT-ND Cut Tape
P3002GBLRP 360V 280V 20pF DO-15, Axial P3002GBLRPTR-ND Tape/Reel Datasheet Image
P3002GBLRPCT-ND Cut Tape
P3502GBLRP 400V 320V 20pF DO-15, Axial P3502GBLRPTR-ND Tape/Reel Datasheet Image
P3502GBLRPCT-ND Cut Tape