Sx02xS Series Product ImageSx02xS Series
EV Series 1.5 Amp Sensitive Gate SCRs

The Sx02xS new 1.5Amp sensitive gate SCR series offers high static dv/dt with low turn off time (tq) through small die planar construction design. All SCR’s junctions are glass passivated to ensure long term reliability and parametric stability.       BUY NOW!
    • RoHS compliant
    • Through hole and surface mount packages
    • Blocking voltage(VDRM/VRRM) capability - to 600V
    • Surge capability > 15A
    • Improved turn-off time (Tq) < 35µsec
    • Sensitive gate for direct microsprocessor interface
The Sx02xS series is specifically designed for Gas Ignition applications that require high pulse surge current capability.


Part Number
Voltage -
Off State
Current - On State (RMS) Current -
Gate Trigger (Igt)
Package Digi-Key
Part Number
S402ESRP 400V 1.5A 200µA TO-92 S402ESRPTR-ND Tape/Reel Datasheet Image
S402ESRPCT-ND Cut Tape
S602ESRP 600V 1.5A 200µA TO-92 S602ESRPTR-ND Tape/Reel Datasheet Image
S602ESRPCT-ND Cut Tape
S602TSRP 600V 1.5A 200µA SOT-223 S602TSRPTR-ND Tape/Reel Datasheet Image
S602TSRPCT-ND Cut Tape
S602TSRPDKR-ND Digi-Reel®