Littelfuse Supplier Page   SP725 - SCR/Diode Array for ESD and Overvoltage Protection

Product ImageSP725 Series - Lead-Free/Green SCR/Diode Array for ESD and Overvoltage Protection The SP725 is an array of SCR/Diode bipolar structures for ESD and overvoltage protection of sensitive input circuits. The SP725 has 2 protection SCR/Diode device structures per input. There are a total of 4 available inputs that can be used to protect up to 4 external signal or bus lines. Overvoltage protection is from the IN (Pins 1 - 4) to V+ or V-.

The SCR structures are designed for fast triggering at a threshold of one +VBE diode threshold above V+ (Pin 5,6) or one –VBE diode threshold below V- (Pin 7,8). From an IN input, a clamp to V+ is activated if a transient pulse causes the input to be increased to a voltage level greater than one VBE above V+. A similar clamp to V- is activated if a negative pulse, one VBE less than V-, is applied to an IN input.    BUY NOW!

    • ESD Interface per HBM Standards
      – IEC 61000-4-2, Direct Discharge:  8kV (Level 4)
      – IEC 61000-4-2, Air Discharge:  15kV (Level 4)
    • Peak Current Capability
      – IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 µs Peak Pulse Current:  ±14A
      – Single Transient Pulse, 100 µs Pulse Width:  ±8A
    • Designed to Provide Over-Voltage Protection
      – Single-Ended Voltage Range to: +30V
      – Differential Voltage Range to: ±15V
    • Fast Switching:  2ns Risetime
    • Low Input Leakages:  5nA at 25°C Typical
    • Low Input Capacitance:  5pF Typical
    • An Array of 4 SCR/Diode Pairs
    • Operating Temperature Range:  –40°C to 105°C
    • Microprocessor/Logic Input Protection
    • Data Bus Protection
    • Analog Device Input Protection
    • Voltage Clamp
  Application Notes
    • IEC 1000-4-2 ESD Immunity and Transient Current Capability for the SP72X Series Protection Arrays
    • ESD and Transient Protection Using the SP720
  Functional Block Diagram

Part Number
Part Number
Packaging Package # of Circuits Voltage - Working  
SP725ABTG F2914TR-ND Tape/Reel 8-SOIC (3.9mm Width) 4 - Quad 2~30V Datasheet Image
F2914CT-ND Cut Tape
F2914DKR-ND Digi-Reel®