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400 Series TE5® Time Lag Subminiature Fuse

High breaking capacity fuse for safer, more robust applications now available at Digi-Key

Littelfuse/Wickmann 400 series TE5 subminiature time lag fuses are designed for overcurrent protection for a wide range of applications that may be susceptible to high inrush currents. It is 250V rated and designed in accordance to IEC 60127-3.

With a broad selection of current ratings ranging form 500mA to 6.3A, and breaking capacity of 130A, the 400 series offers features and options that are currently unmet by other manufacturers of this fuse type.

The high I2T values and breaking capacity of the series, combined with its vibration-resistant housing, enables safe operation under high fault currents and in harsh conditions.
400 Series TE5® Time Lag Subminiature Fuse

Features Applications
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Broad current rating 500mA to 6.3A
  • Higher nominal melting I2T
  • Datasheet
  • Higher interrupt rating
  • Lead-Free, Halogen-Free
  • Shock safe casing
Agency ApprovalsRoHS Compliant
  • SMPS for NB
  • Printers
  • Adaptors
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial controllers
  • Battery chargers

Digi-Key P/N Littelfuse P/N Amperage Voltage Breaking Capacity Melting Integral
10 x IN max. (A2s)
WK6281BK-ND 40008000440 800mA 250V 130A/250VAC*
50-60 Hz cosΦ = 1.0
WK6282BK-ND 40011000440 1.00A 250V 9.63
WK6283BK-ND 40011600440 1.60A 250V 21.75
WK6284BK-ND 40012000440 2.00A 250V 32.16
WK6285BK-ND 40012500440 2.50A 250V 61.94
WK6286BK-ND 40013150440 3.15A 250V 101.61
WK6287BK-ND 40016300440 6.30A 250V 318.71
* Per VDE, approved breaking capacity is at 100A, 250VAC