LTM9001 - 16-Bit IF/Baseband Receiver Subsystem

Linear Tech ImageThe LTM9001 is an integrated System in a Package (SiP) that includes a high-speed 16-bit A/D converter, matching network, anti-aliasing filter and a low noise, differential amplifier with fixed gain. It is designed for digitizing wide dynamic range signals with an intermediate frequency (IF) range up to 300MHz. The amplifier allows either AC- or DC-coupled input drive. A low-pass or bandpass filter network can be implemented with various bandwidths.

The LTM9001 is perfect for IF receivers in demanding communications applications, with AC performance that includes 72dBFS Noise Floor and 82dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) at 162.5MHz (LTM9001-AA).

The digital outputs can be either differential LVDS or single-ended CMOS. There are two format options for the CMOS outputs: a single bus running at the full data rate or demultiplexed buses running at half data rate. A separate output power supply allows the CMOS output swing to range from 0.5V to 3.3V.

The differential ENC+ and ENC– inputs may be driven with a sine wave, PECL, LVDS, TTL or CMOS inputs. An optional clock duty cycle stabilizer allows high performance at full speed with a wide range of clock duty cycles.

  Integrated 16-Bit, High-Speed ADC, Passive Filter and Fixed Gain Differential Amplifier
  Up to 300MHz IF Range Low-Pass and Bandpass Filter Versions
  Low Noise, Low Distortion Amplifiers Fixed Gain: 8dB, 14dB, 20dB or 26dB Noise Figure as Low as 5.9dB 50Ω, 200Ω or
    400Ω Input Impedance
  72dB SNR, 82dB SFDR (LTM9001-AA)
  Integrated Bypass Capacitance, No External Components Required
  Optional Internal Dither
  Optional Data Output Randomizer
  LVDS or CMOS Outputs
  3.3V Single Supply
  Power Dissipation: 1.65W
  Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
  11.25mm x 11.25mm x 2.32mm LGA Package