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LTC4160 - Switching Power Manager

Linear Technology and Digi-Key introduce LTC4160 - a switching power manager with USB On-The-Go and overvoltage protection

LTC4160 - Switching Power ManagerLinear Technology's LTC4160 is a high efficiency power management and Li-ion/polymer battery charger IC. It includes a bidirectional switching PowerPath™ controller with automatic load prioritization, a battery charger, and an ideal diode.

The LTC4160's bidirectional switching regulator transfers nearly all of the power available from the USB port to the load with minimal loss and heat, which eases thermal constraints in small spaces. This device features a precision input current limit for USB compatibility and Bat-Track™ output control for efficient charging. In addition, the IC can also generate 5V at 500mA for USB On-The-Go applications.

An overvoltage circuit protects the LTC4160 from high voltage damage on the USB/wall adapter inputs with an external N-channel MOSFET and a resistor. The LTC4160 is available in the ultra-thin (0.55 mm) 20-pin 3mm × 4mm UTQFN surface mount package.


  • Battery float voltage: 4.2V
  • 1.2A max input current limit
  • Overvoltage protection guards against damage
  • Instant-on operation with discharged battery
  • Full featured Li-ion/polymer battery charger
  • 1.2A max charge current with thermal limiting
  • Low battery powered quiescent current (8µA)
  • Ultra-thin (0.55mm) 20-pin 3mm × 4mm QFN package
  • Bat-Track adaptive output control for efficient charging
  • Bidirectional switching regulator makes optimal use of limited power available from USB port and also provides a 5V output for USB On-The-Go
  • 180mΩ Internal ideal diode plus optional external ideal diode controller seamlessly provides low loss power path when input power is limited or unavailable


  • Media players and personal navigation devices
  • Digital cameras, PDAs, smart phones

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