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DSP56303 24-bit Digital Signal Processor

Freescale DSP56303 processor for telecommunications applications

Freescale - DSP56303 24-bit Digital Signal ProcessorFreescale Semiconductor's DSP56303 is intended for use in telecommunication applications such as multi-line voice/data/fax processing, video conferencing, audio applications, control, and general digital signal processing.

The DSP56303 is a member of the DSP56300 core family of programmable CMOS Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). This family uses a high performance, single clock cycle per instruction engine. While retaining code compatibility it provides a twofold performance increase over Freescale's popular DSP56000 core family.

Significant architectural enhancements to the DSP56300 core family include a barrel shifter, 24-bit addressing, instruction cache, and DMA. The DSP56303 offers 100 MMACS using an internal 100 MHz clock at 3.0 - 3.6 volts. The DSP56300 core family offers a high level of performance in speed and power provided by its rich instruction set and low power dissipation for wireless, telecommunications, and multimedia products.

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Features of the High Performance DSP56300 Core
  • 100 million multiply-accumulates per second (MMACS) with a 100MHz clock
  • Object code compatible with the DSP56000 core
  • Highly parallel instruction set
  • Fully pipelined 24 x 24-bit parallel multiplier-accumulator (MAC)
  • 56-bit parallel barrel shifter
  • 24-bit or 16-bit arithmetic support under software control
  • Position-independent code support
  • Addressing modes optimized for DSP applications
  • On-chip memory-expandable hardware stack
  • Nested hardware DO loops
  • Fast auto-return interrupts
  • On-chip concurrent six-channel DMA controller
  • On-chip phase-lock loop (PLL) and clock generator
  • On-chip emulation (OnCE) module
  • JTAG test access port (TAP)
  • On-chip instruction cache controller
  • Address tracing mode reflects internal accesses at the external portRoHS Compliant

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Clock rate Voltage - Core Datasheet
DSP56303AG100-ND DSP56303AG100 IC DSP 24BIT 100MHZ 144-LQFP 100MHz 3.30V Datasheet