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DSP56F803 Digital Signal Controller

Freescale's 56F803 features a flexible set of peripherals on a single chip

Click to Enlarge - DSP56F803Freescale Semiconductor's 56F803, a member of the 56800 core-based family of digital signal controllers, combines the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of a microcontroller with a flexible set of peripherals on a single chip. This creates an extremely cost-effective solution for servo and motor control, power inverter and converter applications.

The 56800 core is based on a Harvard-style architecture consisting of three execution units that operate in parallel, allowing as many as six operations per instruction cycle. The microprocessor-style programming model and optimized instruction set allow straightforward generation of efficient, compact code for both DSP- and MCU-style applications. The instruction set is also highly efficient for C compilers, enabling rapid development of optimized control applications.

Because of its low cost, configuration flexibility, and compact the 56F803 is well suited for many applications. Its many peripherals are especially useful for applications such as motor control, smart appliances, steppers, encoders, tachometers, limit switches, power supply and control, automotive control, engine management, noise suppression, remote utility metering, and industrial control for power, lighting, and automation.

  • 8MHz crystal oscillator and PLL with integrated pre
    and post scalars
  • Serial communications interface module (SCI)
  • On-board power conversion and managementRoHS Compliant
  • Serial peripheral interface module (SPI)
  • JTAG/OnCE debug programming interface
  • Dual analog to digital converters
  • Advanced pulse width modulation
  • Freescale scalable CAN module
  • Programmable 16-bit timers
  • GPIO

Product Specifications:
Internal Flash (kByte): 64 Serial Interface-Types: SCI,SPI,CAN
A/D Converter-Channels: 8 A/D Converter-Bits(bit): 12

Digi-Key P/N Freescale P/N Description Speed Datasheet
DSP56F803BU80E-ND DSP56F803BU80E IC DSP 80MHZ 31.5K FLASH 100LQFP 80MHz Datasheet
Associated Parts
DSP56F801FA80E-ND DSP56F801FA80E IC DSP 80MHZ 8K FLASH 48-LQFP 80MHz Datasheet
DSP56F801FA60E-ND DSP56F801FA60E IC DSP 60MHZ 8K FLASH 48-LQFP 60MHz Datasheet
DSP56F802TA60E-ND DSP56F802TA60E IC DSP 60MHZ 8K FLASH 32-LQFP 60MHz Datasheet
DSP56F802TA80E-ND DSP56F802TA80E IC DSP 80MHZ 8K FLASH 32-LQFP 80MHz Datasheet
DSP56F805FV80E-ND DSP56F805FV80E IC DSP 80MHZ 31.5K FLASH 144LQFP 80MHz Datasheet
DSP56F807PY80E-ND DSP56F807PY80E IC DSP 80MHZ 60K FLASH 160-LQFP 80MHz Datasheet