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AirMax VS® Connector

FCI and Digi-Key introduce an IMLA-based, inverse 2-piece backplane connector

AirMax VS® Connector
The AirMax VS connector from FCI is a revolutionary new connector system. The connector is a scalable, inverse 2-piece backplane connector based upon an IMLA (Insert Molded Leadframe Assembly) design that can be used for differential pair signals, single ended signals, or power - all within the same IMLA. The column differential pairs demonstrate low insertion loss and low cross-talk to greater than 12.5 Gb/s. It is available in 3, 4, and 5 pair configurations.

The "VS" in the AirMax VS connector stands for "Virtual Shield" as this unique connector design requires no interleaving shields. The elimination of these shields results in lower cost and lower weight. The end result for customers is that they can design their present systems for 2.5 Gb/s to 6.25 Gb/s and have the system grow to over 12 Gb/s without having to perform a costly redesign to their basic platform.

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  • HM equipment practice
  • Vertical receptacle on backplane
  • R/A header on daughter card
  • R/A header on R/A receptacle - Coplanar
  • Compliant press fit 0.6 drill PTH
  • No shields
    • Impedance control
    • Low cost
    • Reduced weight
    • Versatility - IMLA spacing can be varied without impact to impedance
    • Flexible PCB routing
  • High density - 150 position connector
    • 63 pairs per inch, 25mm on 100" slot centers
    • 57 pairs per inch with side walls
  • Column based differential pairs
  • Pin assignments for differential pairs, single ended or power may be mixed within IMLA
  • Multiple centerline spacing possible
    • 2mm and 3mm sizes
  • Full product family support
  • Power, guide, C-Planar, BGA header for backplane in development
  • SBB 1.0 and 2.0 complaint

  • Data communications
    • Servers
    • Storage devices
    • Computer platforms
  • Chipset design
  • Supercomputers
  • Storage bridge bay

Differential impedance 100 ± 5 ohms
Insertion loss < 0.5db through 6.25 Gbps, < 2.0db through 20.0 Gbps
Worst case multi-active near-end crosstalk < 2.5%
Worst case multi-active far-end crosstalk < 3.0%
Rise time 55 ps (20-80%)
Mating force 0.45N max per contact
Un-mating force 0.15N min per contact
Press fit insertion force 40N max per compliant pin

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Product Training Module (PTM) Product Training Module (PTM) for Airmax VS®