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D-Subminiature Connectors High Density

D-Sub Connectors from FCI provide high density, high speed interfaces

The high density D-Sub range is part of FCI's I/O connections portfolio that provides customers access to a wide range of industry standard and application specific I/O interconnect solutions. FCI's I/O connector solutions complete board and system designs by providing high density, high-speed interfaces to enable interconnect technologies for networking, storage and memory, and complementary products for power distribution. The range of standardized I/O solutions enables full compliance to industry standards such as Ethernet, SFF, infiniband, USB, PCMCIA or HDMI. With FCI's high-speed, power, assembly, and mechanical packaging expertise, a designer gains the advantage of getting his signals out of the box at optimal cost and performance. D-Subminiature Connectors High Density

Features & Benefits
  • Compact-D is the answer to the increasing need for higher density packaging
  • Available with different PCB mounting and panel mounting accessory options
  • Selected layouts available in press fit and pin-in-paste versions
  • Contact layout: 15, 26, 44, 62, or 78 positions

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
609-4021-ND 10090926-P154VLF DSUB HD MALE R/A 15POS SOLDR T/H Datasheet
609-4026-ND 10090928-P154VLF DSUB HD MALE STR 15POS SOLDR T/H Datasheet
609-4031-ND 10090929-S154VLF DSUB HD FMALE STR 15POS SLDR T/H Datasheet
609-4036-ND 10090930-P150ALF DSUB HD MALE PIN 15POS CRIMP Datasheet
609-4038-ND 10090931-S150ALF DSUB HD FMALE SOCKET 15POS CRIMP Datasheet
609-4040-ND 10090932-P2448LF DSUB HD MLE 1POS LOOSE CRMP CNCT Datasheet
609-4041-ND 10090933-S2448LF DSUB HD FML 1POS LOOSE CRMP CNCT Datasheet
609-4042-ND 10090769-P154ALF DSUB HD MALE 15POS SOLDER CUP Datasheet
609-4045-ND 10090770-S154ALF DSUB HD FEMALE 15POS SOLDER CUP Datasheet
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