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Conan Connector System

FCI’s high density mezzanine connector system

FCI's Conan 1.0mm mezzanine connector system provides a mechanically secure, high density electrical interface between parallel printed circuit boards. Conan’s mechanical features and palladium/nickel/gold-plated electrical contacts qualify it for high reliability use in portable and mobile electronic equipment.

“Snap” engagement contacts assure secure mating with an audible “click,” and the blade-on-beam contact design allows "peeling" disengagement and prevents contact stubbing. The connector housings feature "lead-in" angles to assist in mating and the surface mounted metal hold-downs reinforce connector retention to the printed circuit board. Datasheet
Conan Connector System

  • Portable and mobile electronic equipment
  • Medical and instrumentation
  • Office equipment
  • Military electronics
  • Communications and networking equipment
  • Point-of-sale equipment
  • Motor vehicle

  • Mating polarization prevents backward connections
  • RoHS Compliant
  • PCB polarization prevents errors during printed circuit board assembly
  • Header height options support a range of PCB stack heights: 4.15mm to 7mm

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Positions
609-1570-ND 91910-21109LF CONN HEADER 9POS 1MM VERT SMD 9
609-1571-ND 91910-21111LF CONN HEADER 11POS 1MM VERT SMD 11
609-1572-ND 91910-21115LF CONN HEADER 15POS 1MM VERT SMD 15
609-1573-ND 91910-21121LF CONN HEADER 21POS 1MM VERT SMD 21
609-1574-ND 91910-21125LF CONN HEADER 25POS 1MM VERT SMD 25
609-1575-ND 91910-21131LF CONN HEADER 31POS 1MM VERT SMD 31
609-1576-ND 91910-21141LF CONN HEADER 41POS 1MM VERT SMD 41
609-1577-ND 91910-21151LF CONN HEADER 51POS 1MM VERT SMD 51
609-1578-ND 91910-21169LF CONN HEADER 69POS 1MM VERT SMD 69
609-1579-ND 91910-21509LF CONN HEADER 9POS 1MM VERT SMD 9
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