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LX Series - LED Power Supplies

A Complete Range of Waterproof LED Power Supplies - Now Available at Digi-Key

Excelsys' LX series of constant voltage and constant current LED power supplies provides high performance over a range of output voltages and currents. Suitable for a wide variety of professional LED applications, the LX series boasts desirable parameters:

      •   High efficiency designs of >90%
      •   IP67 enclosures
      •   Extensive protection feature set
      •   -20 to 70°C operation
      •   Compact size
Excelsys LX Series - LED Power Supplies
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  • LXV Series


The LX series provides high performance, high reliability, compact power solutions to the LED lighting industry. Housed in IP67 enclosures, these compact power supplies are suitable for both indoor and outdoor LED applications including refrigerator lighting, signage and displays.   Overview - LX Series LED Power Supplies

All Excelsys LED power supplies are CE marked and RoHS compliant and fitted with input and output cables.

Please visit Digi-Key's Lighting Solutions Technology Zone to learn more about Excelsys Lighting products.

LXC Series - Constant Current

The LXC series is protected against over voltage, short circuit and over temperature. They also meet EN55015 level B for conducted and radiated emissions.
Output voltages are available in various ranges.

Excelsys Series
Output Power
Input Voltage
30 Watts
162mm L x 42.5mm W x 34.5mm H
90 ~ 264VAC
LXC30 Datasheet
50 Watts
184mm L x 67.5mm W x 37mm H
LXC30 Datasheet

LXV Series - Constant Voltage

The LXV series of constant voltage LED power supplies is comprised of five models with output power ratings of, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 300W. They also have no minimum load requirements and have efficiency ratings up to 94%. All feature over current and over voltage protection, short circuit and over temperature protection, and are rated to IP67.
A wide range of output voltages are available to suit specific LED requirements.

Excelsys Series
Output Power
Input Voltage
75 Watts
167mm L x 66.5mm W x 42mm H
90 ~ 264VAC
LXV75 Datasheet
100 Watts
184mm L x 67.5mm W x 37mm H
LXV100 Datasheet
150 Watts
199mm L x 67.5mm W x 40mm H
LXV150 Datasheet
200 Watts
226mm L x 67.5mm W x 40mm H
LXV200 Datasheet
300 Watts
224mm L x 88mm W x 33mm H
90 ~ 305VAC
LXV300 Datasheet