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MXHV9910 LED Driver

Clare and Digi-Key introduce a low-cost, high-brightness (HB) LED driver

The MXHV9910 is a low-cost, high-brightness (HB) LED driver manufactured using Clare's high-voltage BCDMOS on SOI process. This driver has internal circuitry that allows it to operate from a universal AC line or from 8VDC to 450VDC. This highly versatile input operating voltage enables this IC to be used in a broad range of HB LED applications.
MXHV9910 LED Driver

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This driver features a fixed-frequency, peak-current control method, which provides an ideal solution for driving multiple LEDs in series and in parallel. Additionally, LED dimming can be implemented by applying a small DC voltage to the LD pin or a low-frequency digital PWM signal to the PWMD pin.

The MXHV9910 is available in a standard 8-lead SOIC package and a thermally enhanced 8-lead SOIC package with an Exposed Thermal Pad (EP)


  • 8V to 450V input voltage range
  • 90% efficiency
  • Drives multiple LEDs in series/parallel combinations
  • Regulated LED drive current
  • Linear or PWM brightness control
  • Resistor-programmable oscillator frequency
  • RoHS compliant


  • Flat-panel display RGB backlighting
  • Signage and decorative LED lighting
  • DC/DC or AC/DC LED driver applications

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Digi-Key Part Number Clare Part Number Description Datasheet
CLA319CT-ND MXHV9910BETR High Brightness LED Driver with Exposed Thermal Pad MXHV Datasheet
CLA320CT-ND MXHV9910BTR High Brightness LED Driver

MXHV9910 LED Drivers are available in Cut Tape (-CT-ND), Tape & Reel (-TR-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-DKR-ND)

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