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252 Series Mini-Joysticks

CTS Electrocomponents' compact controller with 1 million cycle life and optional momentary switch

252 SeriesCTS’s 252 series two-axis Ministick™ controllers with optional momentary switches feature compact size with long 1 million cycle life. Most commonly used in gaming applications for joystick and thumb-stick control, the high reliability and accuracy of CTS's Ministick™ makes it the choice of many gaming platform designers who demand excellence in gaming controllers.

CTS's patented 252 Ministick™ controllers provide superior design flexibility. The 252 Mini-joysticks are compact in size, measuring 20 x 21 x 13 mm. This series offers designers flexibility in design without sacrificing performance. The 252 Series conforms to typical two-axis controller size constraints with superior performance.

This product is being used for numerous applications beyond gaming. These applications include remote controls, cursor controls, and industrial and medical menu driven devices. The 252 series joystick comes with an optional momentary switch that allows it to be an excellent navigational device for scrolling down to a menu item and then selecting it using the switch. Datasheet

  • Optional momentary switch is operational at all rotations
  • Sturdy metal case with convenient mounting tabs
  • Compact size (20x21x13mm)
  • Long life 1 million cycles
RoHS Compliant

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Tolerance
252A103B60NA-ND 252A103B60NA POT JOYSTICK 10K OHM ±20%
252A104B60NA-ND 252A104B60NA POT JOYSTICK 100K OHM ±20%
252A104B60NB-ND 252A104B60NB POT JOYSTICK 100K OHM W/SWITCH ±20%