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Sensor Solutions Magazine - September 14, 2011 Sensor Solutions Magazine - September 14, 2011
In this issue:
  • Burke Davison of Microchip provides guidance on designing for high base SNR which will allow your system to perform well in noisy conditions in Techniques for Robust Touch Sensing Design
  • Steve Taranovich of Electronic Products reviews selection criteria between resistance temperature detectors and thermistors for your next temperature sensor in RTDs, PTCs, and NTCs: How to Effectively Decipher This Alphabet Soup of Temperature Sensors
  • James Seiler of CUI contributes an article on using capacitive commutation techniques in your next brushless DC motor design in Capacitive Commutation Catches On
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Wireless Solutions Magazine - August 8, 2011 Wireless Solutions Magazine - August 8, 2011
In this issue:
  • Dave Bursky of PRN Engineering Services provides an overview of various wireless system implementations that give patients more mobility while giving doctors more realistic real-time information in Medical Systems Go Wireless.
  • Tor-Inge Kvaksrud of Texas Instruments reviews important effects to consider when testing the practical range of your radio system in Range Measurements in an Open Field Environment.
  • Headquartered in Thief River Falls, MN USA, Digi-Key is subject to harsh environmental extremes. To measure, track, and report our local weather, our Application Engineering team designed and deployed a weather station on our rooftop. In this issue, Brandon Tougas reports on engaging alternative energy to power our station in Innovations in Connectivity: The Digi-Key Weather Center Smart Charger.
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Microcontroller Solutions Magazine - July 8, 2011 Microcontroller Solutions Magazine - July 8, 2011
In this issue:
  • Markus Levy of EEMBC reviews using the CoreMark benchmark as a reliable indicator of performance in Understanding Microcontroller Performance Analysis Techniques.
  • Steve Gerber of Silicon Laboratories provides insight into advanced sensor-based interfaces for gesture recognition and touch-less applications in Developing Next-Generation Human Interfaces Using Capacitive and Infrared Proximity Sensing.
  • Mitch Ferguson of Renesas Electronics America contributes an article on the challenges and tradeoffs associated with successfully implementing touch panel and touch key technology in Minimize CPU Usage with Hardware-Assisted Touch Key Solutions.
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Lighting Solutions Magazine - May 27, 2011 Lighting Solutions Magazine - May 27, 2011
In this issue:
  • Peter B. Green of International Rectifier provides insight on navigating the complexity of adding features to your basic LED driver solutions and the challenges of additional functionality of phase-cut dimming and power factor correction.
  • Olli Laakkio of LEDIL contributes an article focusing on the use of optics to provide the best possible combination of efficiency and light control.
  • Jeffrey Hushley of Cypress Semiconductor provides a detailed introduction to designing power management systems for LED lighting solutions.
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