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How to Order

Once you have selected your items and are ready to place your order, follow these five easy steps:

  • 1. Click Finish Order.
  • Finish Order
      a. At this time, you will be asked to log in or proceed to checkout without logging in. (Registration is not required. See FAQ below.)
    Log In
  • 2. Complete shipping information. Click Continue.
    • a. If you have backordered items on your order, select how many days you are able to wait for your items and the backorder shipping method you would like to use. You can remove backordered items from your order by checking the box under Remove Backorder Qty at the bottom of the page. When finished, click Continue.
  • 3. Select your payment method, and enter the appropriate information. Click Continue.
  • Billing
  • 4. If you are billing or shipping your order to Canada, you will be asked "Will products be exported outside of Canada?" If your answer is yes, you will be prompted to answer five export questions. When finished, click Continue.
  • Export
  • 5. Verify your order information. You may add notes to your order at this time. Click Submit Order to complete.

  • Submit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do I have to register? No. However, while registration is not required to place an order, becoming a registered user enables you to use many additional website features, including our BOM Manager, the ability to check your order status and web order history, receiving important customer updates, and more. Shipping information is prefilled for registered users.