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Uncord – Serial Port Plug

Replace the Cable with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology at Digi-Key

Free2Move's Uncord replaces serial cables with a communication link based on Bluetooth wireless technology. Plug the Uncord unit into the 9-pin D-SUB connector of an RS-232 device and press the button to establish a wireless connection with a Bluetooth host.

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With up to 500m (1500 feet) of communication radius, the Uncord offers a secure and reliable communication link over long distances. No external drivers are needed as the Uncord communicates using standardized profiles available in Bluetooth devices. Two LEDs presents the user with information regarding status of the device and data transfer.

Uncord communicates with equipment such as laptops, PDAs and mobile phones that support Bluetooth wireless technology using serial port profile (SPP) and dial-up networking (DUN). Installation and wiring costs are often underestimated expenses in a project. Bluetooth wireless technology can help to save time and money by removing the need for cords and wires.

Please visit Digi-Key's Wireless Solutions Technology Zone to learn more about Free2Move Wireless products.

  • Replace the RS-232 cable with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Long range of 500 m or 1500 ft
  • No need for external drivers – just plug'n'play
  • Wide power range from 5 - 30 VDC
  • Small size of 36×17×60 mm or
    1.42' × 0.67' × 2.36'
  • Supports serial port profile (SPP) and dial-up networking (DUN)
  • Secure communication using password and encryption

  • Serial printers – A wireless link makes it possible to easily place the printer in a good location
  • Heavy machinery – Connect and transfer data without attaching wires
  • Healthcare – Reliable encrypted wireless communication link enables sensitive data transfer
  • Displays – wireless link to backend system lowers installation costs
  • Industrial robots – configuration and maintenance can be done without attaching cables
  • Sensors – enables communication through hazardous areas
RoHS Compliant

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