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Riley asked Subscriber Identity Module Functionality

"If you ever lose your phone number you can always request to reuse it right? And also, if someone were to retire their account, the provider"

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3 hours ago
Riley asked How Does Failure Mode Analysis Work

"So I've been reading on failure analysis and came upon FMEA. As the wikipedia page says, "It involves reviewing as many components, assembli"

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6 hours ago
Riley asked Impulse Generators and Question on Lightning Tests

"So I've been reading up on Impulse Generators and how they are 'used' to test the strength of equipment against lightning surges [wikipedia]"

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4 days ago
Riley asked Issue With Microcontroller Relay Timing

"Hello everyone, I have a microcontroller that is set to controll a relay based on a sensor input. The relay will then be 'on' with a defined"

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4 days ago
Riley asked Understanding Floating Sources

"So I came across the term 'Floating Source' while reading a book on Electromagnetic Interferrence, and couldn't really get what it is. As it"

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5 days ago
Riley asked How to Make an SMD Flash

"I would like to create a SMD Camera Flash and this was suggested to me as the driver for the led. I have a few questions for this project."

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1 week ago