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Riley asked Quick Question on Peripheral Connections for MCUs

"I notice that there are a lot of these universal interfaces that have several functions put into one pin. Like how a USCI can function  as U"

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4 hours ago
Riley asked Question on Audio Control from Old TV Sets

"I've heard someone mention that in old TV sets, the volume of each channel would be independent from each other; that is the volume level wo"

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10 hours ago
Riley started the discussion What is Ground Positive and its Circuit Implications

"I've read about something called 'ground positive'. It's easy enough to understand that the ground is connected to the positive terminal of"

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5 days ago
Riley asked How To Increase Charging Current for Battery Charger Circuit

"I attached a picture of a schematic  we found in a book. The circuit is for a battery charger for lead-acid batteries.   First question, t"

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6 days ago