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Riley replied to Detecting Peak Voltage for Piezoelectric Sensor

"If you just need to detect the peak of the sensor, an analog peak hold ciruit would probable do just fine, like this one. I also found this"

in Projects and Designs 1 replies
5 hours ago
Riley replied to Charging Devices That Use Induction

"That's very interesting. If the circuit is self regulating, then you could charge multiple devices while maintaining a certain output level"

in General 3 replies
6 hours ago
Riley asked Need Help for Automated Greenhouse Control

"We are doing a proposed automated green house control project, we aren't anywhere near building it or it being approved so this is all still"

in General 0 bookmarks
4 days ago
Riley asked Identifying Unknown Schematic Symbol

"I tried to recreated the symbol in a software since I found it on a rather old schematic layout that we are studying.The Labeling for the pa"

in General 0 bookmarks
6 days ago