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LanceLK asked Microcontroller Battery Backup System

"Essentially what we would be needing is a UPS type of device but for a microcontroller. The thing is, this device is placed in an area that"

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1 day ago
LanceLK replied to Need Help Understanding Capacitor Banks

"Capacitor Banks are connected capacitors either in parallel or series with each other. They essentially do a lot of things, like power facto"

in General 1 replies
2 days ago
LanceLK replied to Group Project Pick and Place Machine

"Hi there, when you say that you 'set it back to the right position', is it manually placed, or do you have a function that you call to make"

in Projects and Designs 1 replies
2 days ago
LanceLK replied to Looking for Vibrating Component for Remote Controlled Application

"hmmm... This never occured to me. Thanks for the idea! Quick question tho, does the level of vibration change depending on the current fed"

in General 2 replies
3 days ago
LanceLK asked Why Are CFL Lights Better

"With the old incandescent bulb, you can see the filament glow and produce the light. With CFLs, all you see is the white stuff, so how do th"

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4 days ago


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