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LanceLK asked UHF Transceiver Projects for Beginners

"Somebody gave me this: Hardware Manual , I also attached a pic of it. Now I have never worked with something like this before, but since I a"

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1 day ago
LanceLK asked Designing Leakage Monitor for Refrigeration System

"What type of sensor would you use in designing a leakage monitoring system for a refrigerant? I mean since it is leakage, would you be looki"

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2 days ago
LanceLK replied to Making a Short Sensor through Dirty/Muddy Water

"Aside from the quality of the water, I think the volume of it is also a big consideration as well, as well as the current you are running th"

in Projects and Designs 1 replies
5 days ago
LanceLK replied to Suggestions on Your Preferred Wiring/Schematic Software

"You might find this post useful..   It has a lot of, well, to"

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5 days ago
LanceLK replied to Question on I2C Frequency

"I think stuff like these always defaults to the version that works for both. Like in routers? if you have an 'ac' router but an 'n' device,"

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1 week ago


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