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LanceLK replied to Making a Supply and Bypassing the Battery

"While answering another question relating to USB charging, I came upon this article on how to power devices using an improvised USB connecti"

in Projects and Designs 2 replies
5 days ago
LanceLK replied to Charging Devices with USB 3.0

"The downstream voltage rating for USB 2.0 is 500mA. In contrast, the rating for USB 3.0 is 900mA. That is a considerable difference, and I w"

in General 2 replies
5 days ago
LanceLK replied to Understanding Floating Sources

"Hello there Riley, the term floating just means that the source itself is not directly connected to an absolute reference or earth, that is"

in General 1 replies
1 week ago
LanceLK replied to Memory Drive Formatting and Data Recovery

"Hello there RIley. You can try to check this out:   The product specificaly ment"

in General 1 replies
1 week ago


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