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JohnDavis asked Using an LED as a Light Sensor, but Still Using it to Light

"So I get it that you can use an LED as a light sensor. I came across this instructable and it seems to be pretty straight forward. What I am"

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5 days ago
JohnDavis asked Other Applications of Piezoelectric Materials

"I've seen news about how peizoelectric discs are used to generate electricity/charge devices in very unique ways. Just recently I randomly c"

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6 days ago
JohnDavis replied to Question on Writing SPICE Code

"Spice is described to be open source, so for all intents and purposes, you are going to be able to change code for yourself. This is a good"

in General 1 replies
1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Anyone Ever Used Zigbee Wireless?

"Have you had any lick with your project? If you don't know a lot about the product that you are trying to incorporate onto your project, try"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Online Op-Amp Calculators

"This website looks lke it could be what you're looking for, Op-Amp voltage gain calculator, Non-inverting Op-amp resistor calculator. If you"

in General 1 replies
1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Online Certifications Related to PCB Designing

"I don't know about online certifications, but as far as pcb designing goes, you can always learn the standards that are available online, su"

in Projects and Designs 2 replies
1 week ago


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