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JohnDavis asked Reading Battery Level While Using IT - MCU

"Hello there!   I have an Arduino, connected to a battery that is powering the mcu as well as an small LCD that is connected to it for a sma"

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3 days ago
JohnDavis replied to Motion Detection in Small Spaces

"Something like this would be ok for your application. PIR sensors  are a good place to start, for motion detection. They would do great in y"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to Basic Project for Testing GSR

"I saw this blog post a while back and thought it was really well done. I did a similar project about skin resistance before but it wasn't th"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis asked Simulation Output of AC and DC Source in Series

"Can anyone please refresh my head as to why the out put is the way it is, and what this is called?   Are you just going to do a loop calcu"

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1 week ago


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