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JohnDavis asked Arrow Meaning on Schematic Diagram

"Kindly take a look at this image, sorry but its really escaping me. What does the arrows mean? at the bottom right and bottom left, both con"

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14 hours ago
JohnDavis asked Determining Capacitance and Resistance with Passive Equalizer

"If you were to measure the amplitude v frequency response from a system before and after connecting a passive equalizer, (a rc parallel circ"

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5 days ago
JohnDavis asked DIY AC to USB Supply

"I have this old 220V AC supply that has a USB output that just recently gave up. I often use this for all sorts of testing, so instead of bu"

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6 days ago
JohnDavis asked PWM Modulated Output to Sinewave

"We are studying the use of signal conversions, and right now, we are powering a three phase motor with the use of a 3 phase inverter that is"

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1 week ago


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