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JohnDavis replied to How To Increase Frequency of a Function Generator

"Yes, the function generator is fixed. I don't really want to do any 'hack' as WayneT mentioned, just something to do after the generator. I"

in Projects and Designs 3 replies
4 days ago
JohnDavis asked What is Signum

"Is anyone familiar with the term 'Signum' in relation  to signals? I've heard it recently and couldn't find anything on it."

in General 0 bookmarks
5 days ago
JohnDavis started the discussion What Makes a Speaker Good

"There are a lot of devices with very small speakers, like phones, laptops, etc., and are still able to create good clear sound. Why is this"

in Projects and Designs 0 bookmarks
5 days ago
JohnDavis replied to schemeit

"Eureka!  I've used SchemeIt quite a bit and it seemed odd to me that it wasn't in there.  It is, but it's well hidden.  On the side, under D"

in General 3 replies
6 days ago


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