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JohnDavis asked Recommendation on Software for Distribution System Monitoring

"Just what the title says. Something that has a lot of features, with an easy to learn interface. I've been suggested Power World, anyone her"

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16 hours ago
JohnDavis asked DC Current flowing in Houses

"A thought just came to mind. If at the panel of your house, you had some sort of power supply to convert the AC into DC and have that DC flo"

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16 hours ago
JohnDavis asked Advice on Alternative for Robotics Component

"Has anyone tried using a TI L293D IC as the driver for your circuit? Just for basic operations with motors (at the very early stages of the"

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3 days ago
JohnDavis asked Looking for Certain Part or its Alternative

"Hello everyone, I am looking for a certain Integrated Solenoid Driver with part number MC3484S4-2 everywhere and cannot seem to find it. Whe"

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6 days ago
JohnDavis replied to Basic Projects with PIC12F629

"wow thanks, this looks very detailed and exactly what I'm looking for. I'll try them out soon when I get around to fixing my schedule, and t"

in Projects and Designs 3 replies
6 days ago
JohnDavis asked Basic Projects with PIC12F629

"Good day! Just to start, I've never used a pic before, but I need to learn how to use it for a certain project that I'm doing. So I really"

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1 week ago


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