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JohnDavis asked Issues With PIR Sensors in Motion Detection

"We have a small circuit that uses a PIR sensor for motion detection outside, but we are finding it too sensitive to even the slightest movem"

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4 hours ago
JohnDavis asked GSM Module for Server to Client Communication

"A few years ago we made a warning system that used a sort of gsm module to message stored numbers about what was going on; what the sensors"

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2 days ago
JohnDavis asked Live Streaming Home Security Video Online

"Getting a home security system is quite expensive so I'd like to make use of old cameras that we have here from previous projects. I just ha"

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2 days ago
JohnDavis asked Question on Compound Connection for DC Motor

"There are three ways that the coil  will be connected right, Series, Shunt and Compound. A few questions, does the ompound connection take t"

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6 days ago
JohnDavis asked Weight Considerations for Sliding Door Motor

"Hello, I have  a few questions in choosing a motor for a sliding door project. Given that the wooden door that needs to be slid is about 50"

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6 days ago


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