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JohnDavis replied to Sound Harvesting for Generating Electricity

"Haha good one.   There really are a lot of possibilities if we can be creative with our projects, the generator on the ball sounds very inn"

in Projects and Designs 4 replies
8 hours ago
JohnDavis asked Updating a Water Level Indicator Project

"So several years ago, we did a very basic water level warning system project that would text stored numbers the current water level reading."

in Projects and Designs 0 bookmarks
1 day ago
JohnDavis asked Promising Upcoming Fields of Study for EE Thesis

"Personal interests matter of course but I think people should also listen to industry trends to keep themselves up to date, thus mu question"

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1 day ago
JohnDavis asked DIY Video Telescope Project

"First off, is the idea even plausible: to attach a lens to an existing camera to improve range and zooming capability. What I'm thinking is"

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6 days ago


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