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JohnDavis replied to Best Book to Use a an Instructional Guide for Beginners

"Thanks, this is the first time I've heard of the title. It's usually always just Floyd or Gibilisco that's suggested. Its great to see a new"

in General 2 replies
1 day ago
JohnDavis asked Alternative to Photoresistors

"Are there any sensors out there that are the alternative to photoresistors? Specifically, we are trying to create a trigger for a laser syst"

in Projects and Designs 0 bookmarks
3 days ago
JohnDavis started the discussion Math and Its Relation to Computer Graphics

"Its often mentioned online that math is applied and used in cgi. That the textures, and behaviour of particles and such are generated by dif"

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4 days ago
JohnDavis asked How Were Old ICs Named

"Or rather, what is written on top of older ICs? We have this old circuit that came from the 80s and I meed a little help finding some info."

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4 days ago


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