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JohnDavis asked Quick Question on Fault MVA

"Can anyone please simplify what is meant by Fault MVA? and how is it affected by Lighting Transformer?"

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2 days ago
JohnDavis asked Operation of a IR Proximity Sensor Circuit

"What are the characteristics that you would consider of an IR sensor if you are to design a proximity device. Is the range of the circuit, b"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis asked How to Know the Power Consumption of an Appliance

"When you buy household appliances, you know how much wattage they consume since it will be indicated in the product information right. Howev"

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1 week ago
JohnDavis replied to How to Recreate a Schematic Diagram from PCB Layout

"I apologize. I always seem to forget to attach files. I am ttaching the pic now. unfortunately we only have the actual physical pcb. This"

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1 week ago


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