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JohnDavis asked Looking for Certain Part or its Alternative

"Hello everyone, I am looking for a certain Integrated Solenoid Driver with part number MC3484S4-2 everywhere and cannot seem to find it. Whe"

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1 day ago
JohnDavis replied to Basic Projects with PIC12F629

"wow thanks, this looks very detailed and exactly what I'm looking for. I'll try them out soon when I get around to fixing my schedule, and t"

in Projects and Designs 3 replies
1 day ago
JohnDavis asked Basic Projects with PIC12F629

"Good day! Just to start, I've never used a pic before, but I need to learn how to use it for a certain project that I'm doing. So I really"

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2 days ago
JohnDavis asked Solution for Unscrewing SMA Connectors

"Good day everyone! I'm doing an outdoor project that will be subject to the elements and a lot of vibration. I'm wondering if anyone has ex"

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5 days ago
JohnDavis asked Location of Surge Arrester in Large Buildings

"Just a general question, why are there surge arresters installed between elevator rails? Is there any way that, if a bulding were to be stru"

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5 days ago


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