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boborrob asked DIY Membrane Keypad

"I found this project online about how to assemble a membrane keypad but it doesn't have a continuation on how to connect it to a microcontro"

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7 hours ago
boborrob replied to Simulation Output of AC and DC Source in Series

"Basically you just do a loop around the circuit, and can follow the sign of the voltage, you can calculate the values at every point.  I'm n"

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4 days ago
boborrob replied to Looking for Sensor for a Motion Detection Application

"Hmmm.. that sounds a bit complicated... are you also measuring how much it moves, or just that it moves? Perhaps try looking for proximity s"

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4 days ago
boborrob asked Theoretical Maximum Signals an Antenna can Receive

"So the basic workings of an antennsa is that the signal it receives is converted into an electrical signal that is then processed by your TV"

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6 days ago


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