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boborrob replied to Testing Methods of UPS Parameters

"This seems to be something that would interest you: Are Your UPS System Batteries Really Ready to Load Test?   Goes through a lot of inform"

in General 1 replies
1 hour ago
boborrob replied to Use of Thin Film Solar Cells

"Why thin-film silicon This website has a lot of information about thin film solar cells that you might find useful. The difference in genera"

in General 1 replies
3 hours ago
boborrob asked Bleeder Resistors

"So, bleeder resistors are what you put in parallel to capacitors for high voltage applications right. At what levels do you usually employ a"

in Projects and Designs 0 bookmarks
5 days ago
boborrob asked Testing Creepage Distance and Calculating the Effect of Other Factors

"From what I understand, creepage distance is between two conductors who are on an insulators surface. The thing that comes to mind are pcbs,"

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6 days ago
boborrob asked Advice on Course Progression and Self Study Guide

"Can anyone list me the correct order of subjects to study with regards to Digital Signal Processing and like courses. What is the best order"

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6 days ago


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