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boborrob asked Controlling an Electromagnet with Three Buttons

"Essentially what I need to do is to be able to turn off an electromagnet when three buttons are pressed simultaneously, but will turn on whe"

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21 hours ago
boborrob started the discussion Polarized vs Non-Polarized Capacitors

"In what applications would you use NP capacitors over polarized? and vice versa?"

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21 hours ago
boborrob asked Variable Frequency Drive for Motor Application

"So, we have this 50Hz motor from a compressor that was decommissioned and we are planning to use it for something else. Would there be any i"

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4 days ago
boborrob asked Understand the Even and Odd Signal Components

"So there's this quote from a book that says "any signal can be decomposed into even and odd signals" and goes on into more math. The are dei"

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4 days ago
boborrob asked Choosing the Right Cable

"Given a certain load , say 50kVA, and a distance of a bit over 600meters. How would you determine the cable necessary for this application?"

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5 days ago
boborrob asked Voltage Reduction of Multiple Inputs

"The set up of the test we are doing is that we have  a number of transformers, and we need to be able to take voltage measurements successiv"

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6 days ago


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