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In stores now

Start harvesting your energy and get this amazing kit from Silicon Labs, Linear Technology and Würth Elektronik here.

Wireless Power Charging

Get information about this new technology here.

Design Guide

Check out the Design Guide

for EMI Filter Design and

SMPS & RF Design Circuits:


Basic Principles




Wurth Electronics is a German-based company with an international network of ISO-certified production plants, subsidiaries throughout Asia, Europe and America with more than 250 technical salespeople. Offering their customers solutions beyond the component. The company´s philosophy "more than you expect" is a commitment to support engineering


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Shooting x-rays

Shooting x-rays and a continuous spectrum




Get inside...

Ever wanted to take a look inside your component? Shielded versions and various coverings prevent you from knowing what your product´s interior looks like. This can be quite frustrating especially when facing any technical issue.


"more than you expect"

Wurth Electronics is using the latest technology to guard components from unnecessary "surgery" and achieve better results in testing and quality control. Offering additional service beyond the actual component is one of their top priorities.

They have established a technology center in Waldenburg, Germany which includes new test laboratories and R&D facilities. Amongst other high-tech machinery, the computer tomograph with a Nanofocus tube is definitely the highlight of the technology available. Wurth Electronics is able to reveal the set-up of any component without damaging or destroying it.


Shooting rays

The CT is shooting X-rays with a continuous spectrum through the component and is detecting the resulting intensity on an area-detector. As each material filters the X-rays differently, this results in a different measured intensity and so in different shades of black and white. By rotating the component within the machine and taking picture by picture over a range of 360°, a volume of single pictures can be generated. Then by remodeling the single pictures with pixels, a volume model with voxels (voxel = volume pixel) is created. This happens via interpolation of multiple pixels to a single voxel and so a digital copy of the component is generated.


Taking advantage

Having a fully-rotatable 3D model leads to several advantages for engineers like receiving actual data from the component and better information due to a complete well-rounded check, as well as its high pace. So the from-simulation-to-design time will be built in real life and actual state of the component.


Here is a clip of a shielded power inductor from the WE-SPC series from Würth Elektronik taken by the computer tomograph.



Want to find out more about Europe´s largest manufacturer of passive components, come visit



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The official Würth Elektronik techXchange page with information, documents and discussions around the electronics scene.

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Created: Jun 21, 2012

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