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Designer Schematic Release Candidate

This group is for feedback on the release candidate of Mentor Graphics Designer Schematic along with the portal utilizing Digi-Key's Web Services. Please add your feedback.
Open Group
Recent Activity
19 members Feb 19, 2014 by Jeremy
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Designer Layout Release Candidate

This group is for feedback on the release candidate of Mentor Graphics Designer Layout along with the portal Part Quest utilizing Digi-Key's Web Services. Please add your feedback.
Private Group
14 members Jul 21, 2014 by Jeremy

Advanced Assembly

Advanced Assembly is the only printed circuit board assembly company that provides services specifically for engineers needing fast, prototype PCB assembly. To assemble orders in 5 days or less, Advanced Assembly programs assembly machines using (more)
Open Group
Recent Activity
1 member Mar 25, 2013 by JanetteE


The CUI Inc group is a place to discuss technical questions, learn about new products and technologies, and access the latest resources from the company.
Open Group
Recent Activity
5 members Nov 4, 2011 by JenniferMyers
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GE Energy Power Electronics

Discussion of GE Energy Power Electronics (formerly Lineage Power) Digital DC/DC Converter topics.
Open Group
2 members Apr 11, 2012 by Digital_Mike

Wurth Electronics

The official Würth Elektronik techXchange page with information, documents and discussions around the electronics scene.
Open Group
4 members Jun 21, 2012 by sleuz


Exchange information about Primer, EvoPrimer and Open4 Primer development tools.
Open Group
1 member Nov 5, 2013 by Steve


Join us on Freescale’s official TechXchange for technical support and general discussions on embedded design trends and solutions—from microcontrollers to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity. Freescale technologies are the foundation to the innovat (more)
Open Group
4 members Oct 18, 2012 by Jessica

Texas Instruments

TI Technical Support Group
Open Group
15 members Jul 22, 2011 by JenniferMyers

Recom Power

Open Group
5 members Dec 9, 2011 by administrator

Maxim Integrated Support

As a leader in analog innovation and integration, Maxim Integrated Products helps customers get to market faster with systems that are smaller and consume less power. This forum provides technical support, design assistance, and discusses Maxim’s pa (more)
Open Group
5 members Oct 27, 2011 by JenniferMyers

RLink Debugger and Programmer for Microcontrollers

Information about programming and debugging ARM core based devices with RLink debugger/programmer...
Open Group
1 member Dec 3, 2013 by Steve


Designer Schematic Software
Members Only Group
1 member Dec 18, 2012 by AndyWatts

TI’s Analog Design Contest 2011-2012

The TI Analog Design Contest 2011-2012 group is a place for participating students to have discussions about their projects, post design questions, and interact with peers from other participating schools.
Members Only Group
14 members Sep 29, 2011 by JenniferMyers


TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.: Founded in 1948 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for Industrial, COTS, Medical, Telecom, Datacom, and Te (more)
Open Group
3 members Dec 20, 2011 by JenniferMyers
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