- Telegesis is the world’s largest manufacturer of ZigBee Modules based on technology from Ember Corp. Our modules comprise a World leading ZigBee Chip, antenna and a highly functional, AT-style command line interface which allows designers to quickly integrate ZigBee meshing radio technology without complex software engineering. 

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More about Telegesis

Telegesis supports its customers with development kits that provide genuinely easy, out-of-the-box construction of a working ZigBee mesh network. Using the comprehensive AT Command Dictionary and the easy-to-use Telegesis Terminal software package, it should take less than an hour to set up a mesh network and begin detailed, in-depth assessment of ZigBee meshing technology.

• A way to get wireless solutions to market faster
• Reduced development costs
• No need for specialist RF and embedded software resources

Telegesis ZigBee modules are available in a variety of formats:

ETRX3 - Ember EM357 based ZigBee modules using ARM Cortex M-3 power.
ETRX2 - Ember EM250 based ZigBee module
ETRX2USB - USB sticks offering an easy way to ZigBee enable a PC
Telegesis EAP-E The Ethernet Access Point is a "gateway" which allows access to ETRX2 mesh networking modules over an industry standard Ethernet IP Network.
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