Philips Lumileds

- Philips Lumileds focuses on one goal: Creating the world’s highest performing LEDs. The company pioneered the use of solid-state lighting in breakthrough products such as the first LED backlit TV, the first LED flash in camera phones, and the first LED daytime running lights for cars. Today we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of high quality, reliable LEDs along with uncompromising service. More...

Philips Lumileds brings LED’s qualities of energy efficiency, digital control and long life to spotlights, downlights, high bay and low bay lighting, indoor area lighting, architectural and specialty lighting as well as retrofit lamps. Our products are engineered for optimal light quality and unprecedented efficacy at the lowest overall cost. By offering LEDs in chip and packaged form, plus infinitely configurable rigid and flex substrates, we deliver supply chain flexibility to the inventors of next generation illumination.

Philips Lumileds understands that solid state lighting is not just about energy efficiency. It is about elegant design. Reinventing form. Engineering new materials. Pioneering markets and simplifying the supply chain. It’s about a shared vision. Learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of LEDs at Less...

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  • Lumileds LUXEON Z Illumination Portfolio
3.1MB1.5MB5 minParts List
  • LUXEON Chip on Board
1.8MB758KB5 minParts List
  • LUXEON Colors Overview
3.8MB1.1MB5 minParts List
  • LUXEON Micro-Package UV LED
2.8MB1.4MB5 minParts List
3.5MB976KB5 minParts List

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Matrix PlatformMatrix Platform - Only the Matrix Platform empowers you to leverage the most comprehensive portfolio of application optimized LEDs in the entire industry. With both flex and rigid substrate, Matrix Platform offers a wide-range of turnkey solutions. Both LUXEON XF-3535L and LUXEON XR-3535L are designed for ease-of-manufacturability, high-efficacy and uniform light distribution enabling a variety of applications.  More...

More about Philips Lumileds


To bring the small form factor, long life span and other benefits of solid-state illumination based on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to general lighting applications such as light fixtures, traffic signals, automotive, signaling and LCD displays through power LED technology.


Lumileds began as the optoelectronics division in Hewlett-Packard (HP) almost 40 years ago. Hewlett-Packards' experts literally wrote the book on LEDs. In the late 1990's, recognizing the potential for solid-state lighting, HP and Philips, one of the world's leading lighting companies, began exploring how they could work together and deliver a new solid-state lighting solution to the market. In 1999 HP split its company into two, and the optoelectronics group was assigned to the new Agilent Technologies. In November of the same year, recognizing the enormous potential for LEDs, Agilent Technologies and Philips (NYSE:PHG) formed Lumileds and assigned it the responsibility of developing and marketing the world's brightest LEDs and enabling a new world of light. In 2005, Philips acquired Agilent Technologies’ interest in Lumileds. Today, the company continues to lead the industry in the development and release of increasingly brighter and technically advanced solid-state lighting technology.


Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is a fully integrated manufacturer of LED dice, packaged LEDs, and high-brightness LEDs—LUXEON—designed for integration into general lighting products. The company markets LED solutions designed specifically for automotive applications, LCD displays, general lighting, portable applications, signage, traffic signals, and other segments. Philips Lumileds makes the world's brightest white, red, amber, blue and green LED light sources.


Philips Lumileds' LUXEON technology enables LEDs to match the brightness of conventional light sources and for the first time, makes it possible to replace incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs in many products with smaller, longer-lasting and more energy efficient LEDs. LUXEON gives lighting designers the ability to create a new breed of lighting fixtures that dedicate much less space to the light source, eliminate the need to replace bulbs, and offers precise beam control. LUXEON also lowers the cost of illuminating traffic signals; produces rich life-like color for LCD monitors and notebook computer screens; supplies instant illumination and therefore extra safety for vehicle brake lights; and provides significant benefits for many other applications.


Philips Lumileds is headquartered in San Jose, California, with operations in the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and sales offices throughout the world.
Philips Lumileds
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