- Nuventix is the company that cools, providing the only answer to the growing problem of thermal management in electronics. From chips in LED lighting to embedded computer and beyond, the Nuventix SynJet offers a reliable, quiet and energy efficient cooling solution in a variety of sizes and form factors. Nuventix, with its innovative SynJet technology product line, has been solving thermal management problems for customers around the world since 2003. 

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  • Synjet® Coolers for Use in LED Lighting
4.6MB1.7MB10 minParts List

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Application Notes

SynJet® Cooler for Outdoor Applications Reliability Qualification Test
SynJet® Cooler Heartbeat (Status) Signal Output Interface Specification
SynJet® Cooler to Heatsink Attachment Screws
SynJet® Cooler Power & Control Cable - Details to Design or Build Custom Cables
SynJet® Cooling Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Control Voltage Cooling (CVC)
SynJet® Power Supply Connections and ON-OFF Sequence
SynJet® ZFlow 75 Spotlight Coolers Heat Sink and Fixture Attachment
SynJet® ZFlow Level Select Coolers - Cooling Control and Power Wiring

Selection Guides

GE Infusion LED Modules Guide
Nuventix SynJet® Thermal Solutions for Bridgelux® LED Arrays
Nuventix SynJet® Thermal Solutions for OSRAM PrevaLED™ LED Light Engines
Nuventix SynJet® Thermal Solutions for Philips® Fortimo LED Modules
Nuventix SynJet® Thermal Solutions for Xicato® LED Modules
Vossloh Schwabe LED Modules Guide

White Papers

Design and Thermal Characteristics of a Synthetic Jet Ejector Heat Sink
Enhanced Boiling Heat Transfer by Submerged Ultrasonic Vibrations
IEEE Reliability Society Annual Technical Report 2009
LED Thermal Management
Modeling of Synthetic Jet Ejectors for Electronics Cooling
Nuventix SynJet® Reliability
Synjet® Cooling Level Control
SynJet: Low-Power “Green” Cooling Synthetic Jets for Forced Air Cooling of Electronics
Thermal Management Using Synthetic Jet Ejectors
Vibration-Induced Two-PhaseE Cooling Technologies For High Power Thermal Management

Case Studies

Europe’s Largest Retailer Lights Up New Stores with SynJet
Jellyfish Keep Cool with SynJet Technology
LedEngin Case Study
Reliable Lighting for Rural Residents
SynJet® Thermal Management for Museum Lighting
SynJet® Thermal Management for Green Building

Technical Articles

Technical Papers
More about Nuventix

The Nuventix SynJet replaces unreliable and noisy fans with an absolutely unique cooling method. The SynJet’s patented technology uses an oscillating diaphragm to create pulses of air that can be directed precisely where thermal management is needed. This process cools with greater efficiency and effectiveness, allowing electronics manufactures to use fewer units to cool more space.

The benefits of the SynJet are numerous. Its flexibility provides designers with both a plug-and-play solution that can be easily integrated into existing designs and a customizable solution for more unique cooling needs. The SynJet’s energy efficiency allows for a greener thermal management system and a lower cost for you and the end-user. Additionally, the SynJet’s virtually silent acoustics ensure there is no ambient noise.

The most compelling benefit of SynJet technology is its reliability. Designed to run in applications as cold as -40° Celsius to as hot as 85° Celsius, immune to bumps and vibrations and resilient to long- term dust buildup.
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