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- Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality. 

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

Product Training Modules Online...On Demand® is a registered trademark of Digi-Key Corporation.

Updated PTM = Updated Product Training Module - PTM        New PTM = New Product Training Module - PTM

Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • 16 and 32-Bit MCU Overview
7.6MB2.9MB20 minParts List
  • 23x640 and 23x256 SRAM Overview
3.9MB788KB10 minParts List
  • 70 MIPS dsPIC33EP and PIC24EP Family Overview
3.5MB560KB5 minParts List
  • 8-bit MCU Overview
11.6MB1.5MB20 minParts List
  • Asynchronous Stimulus
1.7MB536KB5 minParts List
  • Bluetooth Audio Development Platform
2.2MB626KB5 minParts List
  • CAN Bus Protection
2.5MB422KB10 minParts List
  • Configurable Logic Cell
2.6MB652KB5 minParts List
  • Debugging Methods
5.4MB1.2MB20 minParts List
  • dsPIC33F DMAC
6.8MB1.0MB35 minParts List
  • Embedded Ethernet
6.5MB1.5MB25 minParts List
  • Ethernet Controller Solution
4.7MB1.3MB15 minParts List
  • Getting the Lowest Current Consumption from a PIC24F MCU
5.5MB1.4MB10 minParts List
  • GPIO Expanders
1.5MB162KB10 minParts List
  • Graphic QVGA Display Solutions
2.6MB700KB10 minParts List
  • Graphics LCD System and PIC24 Interface
3.7MB705KB10 minParts List
  • High Current LDOs
2.3MB1.1MB5 minParts List
  • I²C Serial EEPROM
3.7MB837KB10 minParts List
  • Intelligent Analog Family of MCUs
7.1MB1.9MB15 minParts List
  • Interleaved Power Factor Correction
4.2MB918KB5 minParts List
  • Intro to PIC24FJDA Family
9.6MB3.0MB10 minParts List
  • Introduction to dsPIC33F Architecture Part 1
3.0MB810KB35 minParts List
  • Introduction to dsPIC33F Architecture Part 2
6.8MB1.4MB35 minParts List
  • Low Cost PIC24F "KL" Family Overview
3.0MB922KB10 minParts List
  • M2M and the PICTail Plus Board
4.4MB938KB10 minParts List
  • MAC Address EEPROMs
3.3MB875KB10 minParts List
  • mCal Op Amps
2.3MB507KB5 minParts List
  • MCLV-2 Low Voltage Motor Control Development Board
3.7MB1.2MB5 minParts List
  • MCP1632 Standalone, Analog PWM Controller
3.8MB1.2MB10 minParts List
  • MCP20xx LIN Transceiver Overview
2.5MB805KB10 minParts List
  • MCP2210 Evaluation Kit Overview
1.8MB346KB5 minParts List
  • MCP3901 Analog Front End
2.6MB715KB10 minParts List
  • MCP3903 6-Channel Energy Measurement Analog Front End
3.2MB1.1MB10 minParts List
  • MCP39F501 Single-Phase Power Monitoring IC
3.5MB1.2MB10 minParts List
  • MCP656x Comparator Series
1.9MB764KB5 minParts List
  • MCP6N16 Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amplifier
3.0MB1.1MB10 minParts List
  • Motor Control Starter Kit
2.8MB744KB5 minParts List
  • MPLAB XC_ Compilers
2.5MB489KB5 minParts List
  • mTouch Capacitive Touch Sensing
4.6MB1.3MB20 minParts List
  • PIC18 J Series MCU Overview
7.2MB2.3MB15 minParts List
  • PIC18 K-series
4.6MB1.9KB10 minParts List
  • PIC18F MPLAB® Starter Kit
6.3MB1.6MB20 minParts List
  • PIC24 Introduction
6.0MB513KB30 minParts List
  • PIC32 Family of Microcontrollers
5.6MB908KB5 minParts List
  • Stepper Motor Control
6.2MB1.6MB30 minParts List
  • Types of Stepper Motors
5.3MB1.0MB30 minParts List
  • Wireless Communication with IrDA® Standard Protocol
2.6MB393KB15 minParts List
  • XLP Deep Sleep Mode
6.5MB1.0MB25 minParts List

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PIC32 Development ToolsPIC32 Development Tools - The PIC32MX1/2/5 starter kit provides the user with an easy and cost effective option to experience the USB and CAN functionality of the PIC32 value family. The board comes equipped with an onboard DB9 connector to interface with the CAN based applications.  More...

RN2483 LoRa™ ModemRN2483 LoRa™ Modem - Microchip Technology's RN2483 is a LoRa integrated modem with a range of more than 15 km (suburban), low power enabling a battery life greater than 10 years and the ability to connect millions of wireless sensor nodes to LoRa gateways and IoT-connected cloud servers. This robust system is due to LoRa’s unique spread-spectrum based modulation that is capable of demodulation 20 dB below noise level. This enables high sensitivity for ultra-long-range, improved network efficiency and eliminates interference.  More...

Tools and Software

Microchip Advanced Parts Selector (MAPS)
EEPROM Emulation for PIC18 and 16-bit
IrDA Standard Stack for Microchip 16-Bit MCUs
MPLAB IDE Integrated Development Environment
TCP/IP Software Stack
ZigBee for PIC18 and 16-bit

Product Information

8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers
The 8-bit PIC® microcontroller solutions feature a powerful architecture, flexible memory technologies, comprehensive easy-to-use development tools, comprehensive application notes, complete technical documentation and post design-in support. These devices provide easy migration across product families, offering seamless program memory expansion, pin compatibility, and a unified development environment for all products.
8-bit PIC® Microcontroller Brief
8-bit PIC® Microcontroller Solutions

16-bit PIC® MCUs & dsPIC® DSCs
Microchip offers two 16-bit Microcontroller (MCU) families plus two 16-bit Digital Signal Controller (DSC) families that provide compatible options across a wide spectrum of price, performance and feature sets. Common attributes among all 16-bit MCU and DSC families are pinouts, software, peripherals and development tools. Whether the design requires the lowest-priced 16-bit solution, the most powerful 16-bit MCU in the industry, or DSP capability, Microchip's broad range of products preserve the compatibility that help save time and money on subsequent designs.
16-bit Embedded Control Solutions Brochure

32-bit PIC® Microcontrollers
Building on Microchip's 8- & 16-bit PIC® microcontrollers, the PIC32 MCU family delivers 32-bit performance with more memory to resolve increasingly complex embedded designs. The PIC32 family maintains the PIC microcontroller heritage of ease of use and compatibility. These products are pin, peripheral and software compatible with Microchip's 16-bit PIC MCU families and also across the PIC32 MCU family.
Digital Audio Solutions
PIC32 Connectivity Solutions
PIC32 Graphics Solutions

Thermal Management
Temperature Sensors are useful in thermometer circuits, temperature compensation applications as well as a wide array of general purpose replacements for older thermistor technology.

Radio Frequency Devices
Microchip's radio frequency devices are IEEE 802.15.4-2003 compliant transceivers supporting MiWi™, ZigBee™ and other proprietary protocols. They integrate wireless RF, PHY layer baseband and MAC layer architectures that can be combined with a simple microprocessor to apply low data rate to a multitude of applications that include home automation, consumer electronics, PC peripherals, toys industrial automation and more.

Analog & Interface Products
Microchip offers a broad spectrum of analog products with a focus on power management, thermal management, linear and mixed-signal solutions.
Analog & Interface Product Solutions

Power Management Products
Microchip offers a wide range of power management solutions which include CPU/system supervisors, voltage detectors, linear regulators, switching regulators, voltage references, charge pump DC-to-DC converters, power MOSFET drivers, battery management, and hot swap controllers.

Amplifiers / Comparators
Amplifiers and comparators are available for a wide variety of application needs. Microchip's operational amplifiers include single, dual or quad amplifiers in space-saving packages. These devices operate down to 1.8V and feature rail-to-rail inputs and outputs for improved system performance and low current consumption for extended battery life. Additionally, several comparators are available that feature low supply voltage (1.8) and low supply current (1 µA) requirements. These push-pull and open-drain comparators are designed for very low power single-supply applications.

Mixed Signal Products
The mixed signal product line from Microchip offers a broad array of analog-to-digital converters and includes digital potentiometers, frequency-to-voltage/voltage-to-frequency converters, and digital-to-analog converters.

Microchip's interface products include CAN communication devices, serial peripherals, infrared communication devices, LIN bus transceivers, and LCD drivers.

Memory Products
Microchip offers EEPROM products in a multitude of configurations. Microchip has the memory required for most application requirements with several variations of I²C™, Microwire, and SPI compatible devices to choose from.

MPLAB® ICD3 In-Circuit Debugger!
Microchip has announced its latest addition to its product line, the MPLAB® ICD3 In-Circuit Debugger! The all-in-one programming solution for Microchip flash products is a cost-effective, high-speed tool that supports in-circuit programming and debugging of Microchip's flash based 8-bit PIC® microcontrollers (MCUs) and its entire line of 16- and 32-bit MCUs and 16-bit dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs).

Technical Support Tools

LANCheck™ Online Review Service
SMSC’s LANCheck online design review provides a personalized, value-added service exclusive to SMSC and available at no charge to customers who have selected our Ethernet offerings for their application design-in. We will support your design process by providing guidance through the complete design cycle – from initial schematic design to PCB design. LANCheck requires an SMSC e-Services account and is subject to the terms and conditions listed on SMSC’s website. For additional information on LANCheck, please visit www.smsc.com/lancheck.

Technical Support
RoHS/Green Info
Literature Library
Design Tools
Discontinued Products

Press Releases
Microchip Technology Acquires EqcoLogic
Microchip Technology Announces Acquisition of Micrel, Inc.
Microchip Technology Announces Acquisition of Supertex, Inc.
Microchip Wins Best of Electronic Design Award
Microchip's MPLAB® X IDE Wins Elektra Electronic Industry Award 2011

RSS Feeds
Microchip's RSS Feeds

About SMSC
SMSC is a leading developer of Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity™ solutions. SMSC employs a unique systems level approach that incorporates a broad set of technologies and intellectual property to deliver differentiating products to its customers. The company is focused on delivering connectivity solutions that enable the proliferation of data in personal computers, automobiles, portable consumer devices and other applications. SMSC's feature-rich products drive a number of industry standards and include USB, MOST® automotive networking, embedded system control and analog solutions, including thermal management and RightTouch™ capacitive sensing.

SMSC is headquartered in New York and has offices and research facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.

SMSC Product Offerings

SMSC is a leader in providing USB devices and is uniquely positioned to provide full USB solutions that include silicon, firmware, software drivers and reference designs. In addition to mixed signal design and software support for USB, we enable new solutions with low power and use of cost effective silicon process nodes. Our products serve the USB mass storage, hub, transceiver and USB to Ethernet controller markets. More...

Ethernet is a ubiquitous, high-throughput, low-cost networking technology that can be found everywhere from factory floors to office environments to home entertainment systems. SMSC's broad portfolio of Ethernet products is particularly well-suited to embedded applications supporting both PCI and local bus designs. As a reliable, worldwide supplier with significant expertise in embedded Ethernet, SMSC offers long-term support for a variety of products that can enable customers to quickly add high-performance Ethernet connectivity to their designs. More...

PC System & I/O Controller
SMSC has a proud history of integrated circuit product innovation with an emphasis on Personal Computer Input/Output (I/O) devices. SMSC's portfolio of PC related products has grown to include USB hubs, thermal management, embedded and keyboard controllers and system management devices. This has resulted in SMSC's leadership role as a supplier of solutions for the PC industry, including major OEMs and motherboard manufacturers worldwide. More...

Thermal Management
As computing power requirements increase, so does heat. With this heat comes the need to safeguard systems from these destructive temperatures. SMSC's thermal management devices provide this first line of defense. These devices are stand-alone analog ICs that monitor system voltages and temperatures and also provide the capability to automatically control cooling fans to protect today's high-heat small form factor designs. More...

Capacitive Touch Sensors
SMSC's capacitive touch sensor products, featuring RightTouch™ technology, set a new standard in simplifying development, improving noise immunity, and lowering BOM costs in PC, LCD monitors, white goods and consumer electronic designs. These devices have been carefully designed to reject common noise sources such as backlight inverters, DC-DC switching regulators and wireless frequencies. They support a wide variety of interfaces such as I2C™, SMBus, SMSC BC-Link™ and SPI and also provide world-class ESD protection of ±8kV HBM with no external ESD protection circuits required. More...

Additional Links
Press Releases
SMSC in the News
Industry Affiliations
Academic Program
Academic Program
The Academic Program demonstrates Microchip's on-going commitment to education by offering unique benefits and resources for educators, researchers and students worldwide. Microchip would like to partner with academia to increase the knowledge-base in embedded applications and promote that knowledge with future engineers and innovations.
Alliance Programs
Power Management Solutions Guide
Power Management Solutions Guide - Microchip's product guide of power management solutions for Lattice's Lattice's Power Mangement Solutions available at Digi-Key.
Microchip Technology
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