- For over a decade, Melexis has been designing and manufacturing products for the automotive sector, for which it offers a multitude of sensor ICs, ASSPs and ASICs. Melexis devices reliably live up to the highest standards of quality required in a demanding automotive environment. More...

Melexis operates in business units each covering a product line. The corporate headquarters is located in Belgium. R&D centers are in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Ukraina. Probe and test facilities are in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the US. Application Engineering is located mainly in the US, Germany and France. Corporate marketing & sales is in the US headquarters. Less...

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MLX90621 16 x 4 Pixel Thermal ImagerMLX90621 16 x 4 Pixel Thermal Imager - Melexis' MLX90621 infrared array delivers a significantly expanded field of view at 30° x 120° and a four times faster measurement speed of or, equivalently, a two times lower noise level. Optional versions are available with fields-of-view matching previous generations of IR array sensors (60° x 15° and 40° x 10°).  More...

MLX92242/MLX92241 and MLX92221 2-Wire SensorsMLX92242/MLX92241 and MLX92221 2-Wire Sensors - Melexis presents a package option, featuring an integrated decoupling capacitor, for its existing 2-wire Hall effect switch and latch sensor ICs. This new package option enables PCB-less modules and assemblies while retaining the EMI/ESD performance necessary in harsh-duty environments.  More...

More about Melexis

For 25 years, Melexis' customers have inspired the creation, manufacture and delivery of advanced Mixed Signal semiconductors that Sense, Drive and Communicate. Through the stringent quality expectations, hostile operating conditions and aggressive economic targets demanded by its customers in automotive and other markets, Melexis has developed its ability to produce world class, value driven, innovative products. Industry leading innovation in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices, optoelectronics, RF/RFID and motor drivers provide its customers with competitive advantages in system cost, capability and flexibility.

Automotive Specialist
Foremost Melexis designs and develops for automotive electronics systems. Today nearly all automobile brands worldwide rely on Melexis ICs to safely, efficiently and comfortably convey passengers and goods. The quality and reliability focus required to serve the automotive market has resulted in Melexis achieving certification to the demanding, internationally recognized, Quality Standard, ISO/TS16949.

Your Partner on any continent
Melexis corporate headquarters is in Belgium. R&D centers are in Belgium, Bulgaris, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States. Production is located in Belgium, Bulgaria and Germany. Melexis is prepared to support your development and manufacturing requirements globally.

Development For Your Future Success
Melexis has a wide range of standard products for both automotive and industrial applications. Melexis is innovating in many new areas such as: TPMS (tire pressure monitoring), automotive CMOS cameras, integrated LIN microcontroller and LIN system basis devices, 360-degree position sensing, Infrared thermometers and imagers, sensorless BLDC motor controls and MEMS pressure sensors. Melexis' ongoing commitment to R&D in new product areas keeps its customers ahead of the competition.

Quality is Melexis Business
Melexis has an integrated Management System in place, into which all quality, environmental and safety management procedures implemented. Following the motto "Quality Is Our Business" specific continuous improvement programs support the clear understanding of our Quality Policy as well as our Quality philosophy "Zero Defects through Prevention".

We Engineer the Sustainable Future
Melexis products and business culture strive to engineer a sustainable future for its customers, its employees, its shareholders and its communities. By supporting more efficient use of resources and protecting drivers and passengers while on the roads Melexis is proud to contribute toward a brighter, more sustainable future.


Melexis - Current Sensor Tech

Press Releases

MLX90129Keep cool and safe en route with the Melexis MLX90129
Melexis, an early and innovative semiconductor player in the RFID market, demonstrates its new sensor tag IC, the MLX90129; during the Sensor & Test exhibition. This contactless sensing system on a chip targets applications such as cold chain management, industrial data logger or medical monitoring devices. The product will be presented at Sensor + Test in the Forum of Hall 12 on Tuesday May 26 at 15.30.
MLX91206Novel Contactless Current Sensor
Melexis takes a next step into driving green solutions by opening new opportunities for contact-less current sensing in renewable energy applications, Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV). The MLX91206 is a customer programmable monolithic Sensor IC featuring the Triaxis™ Hall technology. The MLX91206 enables the user to construct small, economical current sensor solutions with fast response times. The chip directly monitors the current flowing in an external conductor such as a bus bar or PCB track.
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