- Intersil Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. The Company's products address some of the industry's fastest growing markets, such as: flat panel displays, cell phones, other handheld systems, and notebooks. Intersil’s product families address power management and analog signal processing functions. Intersil products include battery management ICs, hot-swap and hot-plug controllers, linear regulators, supervisory ICs, switching DC/DC regulators, power MOSFET drivers, optical storage laser diode drivers, DSL line drivers, video and high performance operational amplifiers, data converters, interface ICs, analog switches and multiplexers, crosspoint switches, voice-over-IP devices, and ICs for military, space, and radiation-hardened applications. 

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

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Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • Ambient Light Sensors
Play3.8MB572KB15 minParts List
  • Amplifiers: High Speed Op Amps
3.2MB809KB15 minParts List
  • Amplifiers: High Voltage Precision Operational Amplifiers
3.5MB610KB10 minParts List
  • Amplifiers: ISL28005/6 Current Sense Amps
4.7MB766KB10 minParts List
  • Amplifiers: ISL28133 Ultralow Power
4.3MB1.1MB10 minParts List
  • Data Converters: High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters
3.0MB600KB10 minParts List
  • Digital Potentiometers (DCPs)
2.4MB544KB15 minParts List
  • Industrial Control
6.7MB1.2MB10 minParts List
  • Industrial Control Applications
Play10.2MB1.7MB15 minParts List
  • ISL8117 60 V Synchronous Buck Controller
7.0MB2.4MB10 minParts List
  • Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment Solutions
7.2MB1.7MB10 minParts List
  • Power Management: Dual Synchronous Integrated FET Buck Regulator
1.3MB237KB10 minParts List
  • Power Management: Basics of Voltage Supervisors
1.9MB787KB15 minParts List
  • Power Management: ISL8013/4 Synchronous Buck Regulators
2.6MB970KB15 minParts List
  • Power Management: ISL8800x Ultra Low Power Voltage Supervisors
1.6MB394KB5 minParts List
  • Power Modules: ISL8200M Power Module
Play1.9MB401KB15 minParts List
  • Power Modules: ISL8201M Power Module
1.9MB401KB5 minParts List
  • Solutions for Test and Measurement Equipment
Play10.7MB2.6MB25 minParts List
  • Video: ISL5960x MegaQ Overview
Play4.6MB1.3MB20 minParts List

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ISL3179E and ISL3180E TransceiversISL3179E and ISL3180E Transceivers - Intersil’s ISL3179E and ISL3180E are high ESD protected, 3.3 V powered, single transceivers that meet both the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for balanced communication. Each device has low bus currents (+220 μA/-150 μA), so it presents a “1/5 unit load” to the RS-485 bus. This allows up to 160 transceivers on the network without violating the RS-485 specification’s 32-unit load maximum and without using repeaters.  More...

ISL3159E Single TransceiverISL3159E Single Transceiver - Intersil’s ISL3159E is a ±15 kV IEC61000 ESD-protected, 5 V powered, single transceiver that meets both the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for balanced communication. It also features the larger output voltage and higher data rate, up to 40 Mbps, required by high-speed PROFIBUS applications, and is offered in industrial and extended industrial (-40°C to +125°C) temperature ranges.  More...

Design Tools

iSim™ Design Simulator
Intersil’s iSim™ is an interactive, web-based tool for selecting and simulating devices from Intersil’s broad portfolio. Based on input and output specifications provided by the user, iSim will find all suitable Intersil devices for your application. Currently, iSim is available for Intersil’s power management devices and operational amplifiers.
  Application Block Diagrams
Intersil provides platform-wide power management and analog signal processing solutions in areas such as computing, commercial/industrial, consumer electronics, display, FPGAs, hi-rel/space, medical and networking.
Product Cross Reference
Find the perfect Intersil replacement part - everything from a functional equivalent to a pin-for-pin drop in.
Intersil's PowerNavigator™ software allows simple configuration and monitoring of multiple Digital-DC devices using a PC with a USB interface. PowerNavigator™ makes it easy to change all features and functions of your digital power supply design using a simple graphical user interface.
FPGA Reference Design Generator
The FPGA Reference Design Generator app helps you find the Intersil power management part that best fits the need of your design. Simply select the FGPA vendor and platform, and input your current requirements. Select your backplane(s) and the type of solution(s) you need, and get detailed support files
  PowerNavigator Software
Intersil's PowerNavigator™ software allows simple configuration and monitoring of multiple Digital-DC devices using a PC with a USB interface. PowerNavigator makes it easy to change all features and functions of your digital power supply design using a simple graphical user interface.

Solutions Guides

Medical Solutions Medical Solutions
Intersil's broad portfolio of precision op amps, voltage references, switching regulators, switching controllers, battery chargers, LDOs, PWM controllers, power sequencers, and voltage monitors for medical applications.
  Power Module for Xilinx VIRTEX-6 HXT Characterization Boards Power Module for Xilinx VIRTEX-6 HXT Characterization Boards
Complete solutions for the Xilinx VIRTEX-6 HXT Characterization Boards
Industrial Process Control Solutions Industrial Process Control Solutions
Intersil's broad portfolio of precision op amps, voltage references, real time clocks, interface, DCPs, switch/mux, switching regulators, isolated PWM controllers, LDOs, integrated FET switching regulators, PWM controllers, voltage monitors, and sequencers for industrial process control applications.
  Power Management Solutions for Altera FPGAs, CPLDs and ASICs 	Power Management Solutions for Altera FPGAs, CPLDs and ASICs Power Management Solutions for Altera FPGAs, CPLDs and ASICs
Using Intersil DC/DC regulators and PWM & LDO controllers to power Altera FPGAs.
Power Management Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs Power Management Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs
This application guide offers customers two ways to select the best Intersil power supply IC solution for FPGA-based systems.
  Power Management Solutions for Actel FPGAs Power Management Solutions for Actel FPGAs
Using Intersil DC/DC regulators and PWM & LDO controllers to power Actel FPGAs.
Power Module for Xilinx ML623/SP623 Characterization Boards Power Module for Xilinx ML623/SP623 Characterization Boards
Complete solutions for the Xilinx ML623/SP623 Characterization Boards.
  Power Products Cross Reference Power Products Cross Reference
The power cross reference tool allows you to take a bill of materials (BOM) of power parts and quickly generate a list of comparable Intersil parts. The tool compares parametric data of competitor devices to parametric data of Intersil devices and presents a logically sorted list of which Intersil devices would perform the same basic function.

Product Selection Guides

Power Modules

Power Modules
Intersil's expanding portfolio of highly-integrated POL DC/DC power modules in innovative QFN style packages integrate into a single chip most of the components required to build a DC/DC power supply.

Security Surveillance ICs

Security Surveillance ICs
One of the largest portfolios of video semiconductor solutions for the security surveillance industry. Intersil Techwell is a pioneer in the security surveillance industry and unique in its ability to define and deliver IC products specifically for the digital video recorder market.

High Speed Op Amps

High Speed Op Amps
Intersil's high speed op amp portfolio delivers best-in-class performance-to-power ratio with superior drive and slew rate performance at full bandwidths, designed to meet the needs of next-generation communications, video, and imaging applications.

Video ICs

Video ICs
Intersil has products to interest any video designer, from basic building blocks (amplifiers, muxes, sync separators) to state-of-the-analog-art systems-on-a-chip (the ISL5960x family video extender that effortlessly reconstructs video transmitted over 1 mile of a single twisted Cat x pair).

Precision Analog ICs

Precision Analog ICs
State-of-the-art precision analog product portfolio built on the latest technology, offering a wide range of general purpose analog building blocks targeted at precision signal chain design.

High Speed Converters

High Speed Converters
Complete portfolio of low-power, high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) unmatched in size and power. Our innovative Femto-Charge® CMOS technology yields ultra-high performance ADCs that consume a fraction of the power of the competition.

Digital Potentiometers

Digital Potentiometers
Digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs)are ICs incorporating a resistor ladder with its associated registers, nonvolatile or volatile memory, and a digital interface providing direct communication between a host and both the resistor ladder and memory.

Interface ICs

Interface ICs
Whether you're using RS-485/RS-422 protocol or RS-232 for portable or computing designs, Intersil offers over 100 different transceivers for all of your data transmission applications.

Real Time Clock ICs

Real Time Clock ICs
Intersil's family of Real Time Clocks (RTCs) offer the broadest choice of product features, including clocks & calendars, programmable alarms with event recording, and backup battery and system shutdown management.

Light Sensors

Light Sensors
Intersil's integrated light and proximity sensor ICs have superior sensitivity and power consumption when compared to traditional, stand-alone photodiodes, photoresistors and phototransistors.

Digital Power

Digital Power
Highly-integrated, high-performance digital power solutions designed to be universal building blocks that can be easily combined and adapted to varying system requirements.

High Brightness LEDs

High Brightness LEDs
High performance HBLED solutions for street lights, office and commercial spaces, residential, off-grid solar, and automotive.

Power Management

Power Management
Intersil offers a complete portfolio of high-performance power solutions for DSP, FPGA, CPLD, any processor, DDR memory and other loads in your system.

LED Drivers

LED Drivers
Intersil's LED lighting portfolio includes some of the industry's best LED drivers that offer high integration, performance, and flexibility in a small form factor.

Automotive ICs

Automotive ICs
Intersil's automotive solutions feature high performance power conversions, state-of-the-art precision analog, cell balancing and battery charging ICs, power-efficient class D audio amplifiers, and highly-flexible TFT display controllers.
More About Intersil Corporation

Intersil is the leader in power management expertise. Built upon an unrivaled heritage in advanced analog IC and multiphase power solutions, Intersil delivers the industry's highest performance, most efficient, easiest to use and integrate, and consistently reliable power management systems.

Our solutions meet the demands of today's most complex power system designs across the infrastructure and industrial markets. Intersil provides solutions for the most challenging system issues, including ways to reduce power consumption, use energy more efficiently and conserve battery life. Intersil’s deep technology portfolio addresses design demands in key markets that benefit from our innovative power management technology:

Industrial: Intersil offers a comprehensive set of digital and analog controllers, power modules and switching regulators. Highly integrated and efficient, these products simplify power design for a wide variety of industrial applications, including the smart home and smart grid, test and measurement systems, medical devices and factory automation.

Wired and Wireless Infrastructure: Cloud-based applications and data sharing have resulted in increased data traffic needing global build-out of network and data infrastructure. This power hungry equipment requires advanced power management. Intersil provides products with best-in-class efficiency and power density, enabling lower cost equipment and maintenance.

Intersil also has a compelling precision analog product portfolio, including interface products, voltage references, sensors, security solutions and much more, offering customers a complete design solution.

Intersil Company Overview
Intersil Industrial Power
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