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- Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) defines innovation and excellence in signal processing. ADI's analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC) play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of electronic equipment. ADI is synonymous with high performance among electronics manufacturers and we collaborate with our customers to define the very best in the quality of the user experience. That means the clearest image, crispest sound, and optimum interface, size and performance in thousands of entertainment, medical, communications, industrial and other applications. 

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HMC1049 GaAs MMIC Low-Noise AmplifierHMC1049 GaAs MMIC Low-Noise Amplifier - Hittite Microwave Products/Analog Devices' HMC1049 is a GaAs MMIC low-noise amplifier which operates between 0.3 and 20 GHz. This LNA provides 16 dB of small signal gain, 1.7 dB noise figure, and output IP3 of 27 dBm, while requiring only 70 mA from a 7 V supply. The P1dB output power of 16 dBm enables the LNA to function as a LO driver for balanced, I/Q or image reject mixers. VDD can be applied to pad 2 or pad 4. Pad 4 will require a bias tee. The HMC1049 also is internally matched to 50 Ω for ease of integration into multi-chip-modules (MCMs).  More...

HMC1081 and HMC1048LC3B Double-Balanced MixersHMC1081 and HMC1048LC3B Double-Balanced Mixers - The Hittite HMC1081 is a double balanced mixer. It can be used as an upconverter or a downconverter, with DC to 26 GHz at the IF port and 50 to 75 GHz at the RF port. This passive MMIC mixer is fabricated with GaAs Shottky diode technology. All bond pads and the die backside are Ti/Au metallized and the Shottky devices are fully passivated for reliable operation. The HMC1048LC3B is a general purpose double-balanced mixer that can be used as a downconverter with DC to 4 GHz at the IF port and 2 to 18 GHz at the RF port. This mixer requires no external components or matching circuitry.  More...

More about Hittite Microwave Products

On July 22, 2014, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced the close of its acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation, a Chelmsford, MA-based semiconductor manufacturer specializing in microwave, millimeter wave, and RF products. By combining forces, we create even greater value for our customers by addressing the entire frequency spectrum up to 110 GHz from antenna to bits and back.

Furthermore, with the added talent, capabilities, and technologies that Hittite Microwave brings to ADI, we strengthen our position in the strategic markets of instrumentation and defense/aerospace in the industrial segment, as well as automotive safety systems, and both wired and wireless communications infrastructure.

Importantly, there are no changes to sales coverage or product manufacturing. There are no changes to Hittite Microwave’s current part numbers or pricing. Hittite Microwave’s portfolio is now represented as Hittite Microwave Products from Analog Devices. We will thoroughly cross-train our sales and technical support teams to assist all customers with product selection, evaluation, and continue to regularly update you at www.analog.com/hittite.

Data Converter Solutions: Hittite's Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) combine high speed and high SNR performance with lowest power dissipation.

Clock and Timing Solutions: Hittite has developed an industry-leading line of high performance clock distribution and clock generation products that enable the system designer to maximize the performance from data converters and physical layer (PHY) components.

Fiber Optics: Hittite has developed a broad portfolio of fiber optic and networking products. Our products meet the demanding requirements of high-speed communication and test applications.

Instrumentation Solutions: Hittite's signal generators combine the highest output power, lowest harmonic levels and broadest frequency range amongst signal generators of their size and cost.

Microwave Solutions: Hittite's broad portfolio of microwave & millimeterwave products meets the demanding requirements of Communication, Test & Measurement and Sensor applications.

Military & Space Solutions: Hittite has a strong reputation for technically innovative, high performance, quality products and provides a wide variety of custom solutions for military and space environments.

Press Releases

HMC988LP3E - Hittite Expands Clocks & Timing Product Line!
HMC1032LP6GE & HMC1034LP6GE - Hittite Launches New Product Line: Clocks & Timing!
HMC1031MS8E - Hittite Introduces Ultra-Low Power Integer-N PLL Clock Generator!
HMC1033LP6GE - Hittite Introduces Two New Clock Generators with 3.3V Operation
HMC920LP5E - Industry’s First Complete Class-A Amplifier Biasing & Monitoring Solution!
HMC102x - Single-Ended RMS Detectors Span 72 dB Dynamic Range!
HMC830LP6GE - Industry Leading Wideband PLL with Integrated VCO!
HMC860LP3E - New Power Conditioning Product Line Introduced!
HMC976LP3E - Hittite Launches Industry Leading, Low Noise Voltage Regulator!
Hittite Microwave Products/Analog Devices
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