Excelsys Technologies Ltd.

- Excelsys Technologies Ltd. is a modern and progressive world-class power supply company providing quality products to OEM equipment manufacturers around the world. Excelsys has achieved this by combining the latest technology, management methods and total customer service philosophy with a 20 year tradition of reliable and innovative switch mode power supply design, manufacture and sales. Excelsys Technologies Ltd. formerly traded as Delaire Ltd. More...

Excelsys is located in a modern factory, with a highly skilled staff who take pride in their ability to provide total customer satisfaction. We achieve this through quality of service and product and by offering a superior price performance ratio solution to our customers' needs. Where advice, support and high quality power solutions are needed, Excelsys excels! Less...

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More about Excelsys Technologies Ltd.

Excelsys Technologies is the leading designer and manufacturer of high efficiency, low profile power supplies for a variety of specialist markets including Industrial, Medical, Lighting, Communications and Military.

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Excelsys is creating a new standard in world class customer service through the application of principles of excellence in channel partnership, customer service, product quality, manufacturing efficiency and the innovative use of new technology.

All products comply are certified to International safety agency approvals including IEC, UL and CSA. Excelsys products are designed in Cork, Ireland in a team based environment. We employ industry best practices in all stages of design including Design for Manufacture (DFM) processes, DVT (Design Verification Testing),

Our products are manufactured in ISO9000 certified facilities in Europe and the Far East and all products undergo 100% product test and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening).

Understanding and contributing to an improved environment is a important driver for Excelsys Technologies, To this effect Excelsys technologies is committed to providing the highest efficiency power supplies to help reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, all our products are RoHS compliant.


Quality is inherent at all stages of Excelsys Technologies products, from product concept right through to full production.

Excelsys products are designed in Cork, Ireland in a team based environment. Our design process includes Design for Manufacturing (DFM) audits and reviews. We make extensive use of DVT (Design Verification Test) and HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) techniques in our design process to ensure the quality of the power supply.

Our Compliance Manager manages safety and compliance issues. We currently design and ship product listed to EN60950, UL60950, EM60601-1, UL60601-1, CSA22.2#234, EN50081-1, EN50082-1, EN61000-3-2 among other specifications.

All our products are manufactured in ISO9000 certified facilities in Europe and the Far East. We employ best practices in manufacturing technology including, In Circuit Testing, 100% test and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening).
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