CTS Electronic Components

- CTS Electronic Components is a division of CTS Corporation. The division has five product lines: Electrocomponents, Filters, Frequency Control, Resistors, and Thermal Management Solutions. The company manufactures an extensive array of frequency-control devices, ceramic RF filters and duplexers, EMI/RFI filters, capacitors, DIP and rotary switches, rotary and linear potentiometers, encoders, resistor and resistor/capacitor networks, and heat management components. With manufacturing locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Nogales, Mexico; Singapore; Zhongshan and Tianjin, China; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan; CTS is able to serve major markets such as medical, defense and aerospace, industrial controls, power management, HVAC, security, lighting, audio, communications, computer, and electronic networking. 

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

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Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • 220 Series Rotary DIP Switch
3.2MB1.5MB10 minParts List
  • ClearONE Ball Grid Array Network Terminators
3.4MB1.9MB5 minParts List
  • Crystal Clock Oscillators
4.1MB1.5MB10 minParts List
  • DIP Switch
5.1MB2.3MB15 minParts List
  • Sealed Precision Potentiometer
1.3MB179KB5 minParts List
  • Semiconductor ICs Portfolio
2.3MB992KB5 minParts List
  • Tusonix
1.5MB522KB5 minParts List
  • ZIF Retainer
2.0MB759KB5 minParts List

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221 Series Rotary DIP Switch221 Series Rotary DIP Switch - CTS' 221 series rotary DIP switch has a compact size of 10 x 10 mm and is available in a 10- or 16-position version, in surface-mount or through-hole style, and with three rotor or shaft options.  More...

222A, 222B, 222C, and 223A Series Switches222A, 222B, 222C, and 223A Series Switches - The CTS 222A, 222B, 222C, and 223A series tactile switches are available in a variety of sizes, in surface-mount or through-hole styles, and with actuator height and actuation force options. The momentary tactile switch is a widely used switch type with applications in security systems, HVAC systems, medical and industrial equipment and instrumentation, and consumer products.  More...

Electrocomponents Filters Frequency Control Resistors Thermal Management Solutions
CTS Tusonix RF Ceramic
Potentiometer / Variable Resistors
Precision Potentiometers

Commercial Rotary Potentiometers

Slide Potentiometers

Optical and Mechanical Encoders

Commercial Trimmers

DIP Switches
Auto-insertable / Auto-placeable

Hand Insertion

Side Actuated

Rotary & Other Power Switches
Selector Switches

Miniature Switches


Acceleration Module

Small Engine Rotary Position Sensor

Coaxial Broadband Filters

Surface Mount Filters




Tubular Radial Lead

EMI/RFI & Capacitor Assemblies
Filter Plates

Ceramic Resonators

Terminal Blocks
Filtered Terminal Blocks
RF Ceramic
Ceramic Monoblock Filters

Ceramic Monoblock Duplexers

ClearPlex®Waveguide Filters
Buffers & Dividers

Capacitive Tuning Integrated Circuits


Cable Driver

Crystals & Oscillators
Quartz Crystals

Clock Oscillators

Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs)

Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs)

Ovenized Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs)

Timing Modules
Frequency Translator/Jitter Attenuator

Clock Generators

Extreme Conditions
High Reliability/COTS

High Temperature

Shock & Vibration Resistant

Resistor/Capacitor Ball Grid Array Package

Resistor Networks
Surface Mount Leadless SIP

Surface Mount with Gull Wing Leads

Through-Hole SIP

Resistor Arrays
Chip Resistor Array

Current Sensing Resistors
Very Low Resistance

Chip Resistor
Ultra High Resistance
Heat Sinks

Precision Forged

Military Products
Board Retainer ZIF

Circuit Card Mountable Retainer - ZIF III

Stamped Products
Thermal Links

Plastic Case

Metal Case

ZIF Prime Circuit Card Retainer
ZIF Prime
Electrocomponents Filters Frequency Control Resistors Thermal Management Solutions
CTS Tusonix RF Ceramic
Product Literature
CTS Electro-components Product Selector Guide

Applications Notes
Application Function Selector
Product Literature
Tusonix Ceramic Short Form

CTS Tusonix Electromagnetics Interference Selection Guide

CTS Tusonix EMI/RFI Filters Section 1

CTS Tusonix EMI/RFI Filters Section 2

CTS Tusonix Filtered Terminal Blocks

CTS Tusonix SMT EMI/RFI Filters

CTS Tusonix Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
Product Literature
CTS Ceramic Components Selection Guide

Revolutionary RF Ceramic Filter for Next Generation Communication

Application Notes
Filter Testing

SMA Calibration

Recommended VNA Calibration Method

White Paper
Visual Characterisitics of Ceramic Filters

Reliability Testing for Ceramic Filters

Soldering Considerations for Monoblock Filters
Product Literature
Semiconductors Selection Guide

CTS Standard Frequency Selection Guide

CTS Precision Frequency Selection Guide

Application Notes
Front End Module

Frequency Control Products and Bluetooth

Frequency Control Products and Gigabit Ethernet

Frequency Control Products and HDTV Broadcasting Applications

Frequency Control Products and Zigbee™

UMTS Base Station Timing with OCXOs

Clock Termination and Design Guidelines

List of CTS Oscillators for Telcom Timing and Synchronization

Handling Suggestions for Quarts Crystal & Crystal Oscillators

RoHS Compliant Reflow Profile

5x7 mmm Package Lead Attachment Options

A High Frequency Reference Module

Novel High Frequency Crystal Oscillator Cuts Jitter and Noise

Offset Jitter - The Critical New Spec

Understanding VCXOs - To Avoid Over Specifying Them

Inverted Mesa Crystals Carry Oscillators into the Internet Age

White Papers
Smaller is Better in Military Applications

Synchronous Ethernet Timing Solutions

Considerations When Specifying Frequency Control Modules and Oscillators to Optimize System Jitter and Phase Noise

OCXOs for Portable Equipment

A Jitter Attenuator for Synchronous Ethernet Applications

New 1.8 Volt Hi-Rel Oscillators for Mission Critical Systems

Crystal Oscillators for Todays Defense Electronic Systems

Long-Term Frequency Stability of HFF Crystals Sealed with High Vacuum Technology

Thermodynamic Aspect of Short-Term Frequency Stability of Directly Heated Resonators

Reference Designs
Analog Devices
Texas Instruments
PMC Sierra
Product Literature
CTS Resistors Short Form

CTS ClearOne Selector Guide

Application Notes
Current Sense Resistors and Circuit Applications

Advantages of CTS Solid Ceramic Resistor Networks

Custom Network Application Notes

Schematic - 5 Dual Termination Resistor Values

ClearONE - BGA Application Configuration

ClearONE - DDR Memory Signal Termination

ClearONE - High Frequency

ClearONE - WiMAX and ClearONE DDR Memory Termination

ClearONE - LVPECL 2.5V Termination

ClearONE - Assembly on Printed Circuit Boards

ClearONE - Top Probe-able ClearONE Devices

ClearONE - Simply Board Layout Using LVDS Termination

ClearONE - Simply Board Layout Using LVPECL Termination

ClearONE CBGA Rework Procedure

ClearONE RCBGA Rework Procedure

Manufacturing & Quality Documentations
ClearONE Reliability Data

Power Derating Curve

Environmental Performance Specification

Chip Resistor Array Performance Data

Series 752 - 753 Performance Data

RoHS Material Declaration Sheets


RoHS Resistor Networks

PFOS and Deca-BDE Statement


Reference Designs
Texas Instruments
Analog Devices
Linear Tech.
Product Literature
CTS Thermal Guide

Application Notes
CU Forged HS

Cooling Critical Components

ZIF III Advantages

Low Height Thin Fin Forged Heat Sink

Ruggedized ATR Military Chassis and ZIF III Board Retainers

Single Board Computers and ZIF Retainers
More about CTS Corporation

CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS), founded in 1896, is a global leader in designing and manufacturing a diverse array of electronic components, sensors and actuators for the automotive, communications, medical, industrial, defense and aerospace and computer markets.

With an established global footprint, CTS primarily fulfilling the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with products that are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art technology driven by a highly capable and dedicated staff. CTS products and services can be found in a diverse array of applications worldwide. CTS Electronic Components is a leading provider of electronic components used in communications, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial and computer applications for OEMs and Contract Manufacturers worldwide.

CTS is proud of its over 100-year heritage of innovative products and engineering excellence. CTS was established in 1896 as a provider of high-quality telephone products and was incorporated as an Indiana corporation in February 1929. Our principal executive offices are located in Elkhart, Indiana. Visit our website for information about our company.
Product and News Announcements

CTS Electronic Components product and news announcements are available to help customers with ideas on design, development, and manufacturing, and to stay abreast of market changes.

Below are our recent company products and new announcements:

Fansinks for High Temperature Applications Available in a Large Selection of Footprints and Fin Heights
CTS Expands Frequency Portfolio to Include Semiconductors
Harsh Environment Crystal Clock Oscillator with Enhanced Stability
CTS Completes ISO 9001 Recertification
CTS Expands OCXOs Portfolio
Revolutionary RF Ceramic Filter for Next Generation Communication
CTS Ultra-Low Power and High Efficient OCXO
CTS Participation at ViaSat’s Charity Tech Fair for Injured Marines
CTS Develops OCXO with Enhanced Stability for LTE
CTS Introduces an Ultra-Low Power Shock Resistant OCXO
CTS Heat Sinks with Low Thermal Resistance
New Addition to CTS Global Sales Network
CTS Receives Rosemount Supplier Award
CTS Corporation Announces Appointment of New President and CEO
CTS Crystals for Automotive Applications
CTS to Highlight the 218 Series DIP Switch at electronica 2012
CTS to Showcase the 206/ 208 Series DIP Switch with ESD Protection at electronica 2012
CTS 254 Series Ultra-Mini Joysticks at electronica 2012
Optical Encoder with Momentary Switch
CTS to Showcase New Electronic Components at electronica 2012
CTS Offers Next Generation Ceramic Filter Technology for Wireless Applications
CTS Launches New TC Series Clock Oscillators at 32.768kHz
CTS Valpey Introduces Enhanced TCXO
CTS Electronic Components
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