IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

- IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, formerly Clare, Inc., an IXYS Company, designs, manufactures, and markets high-voltage integrated circuits (ICs) and optically isolated Solid State Relays (OptoMOS®) for the communication, industrial, power, and consumer markets. More...

As a pioneer in the development of Solid State Relays (SSRs), they have become a leading supplier to the telecommunications, security, utility metering, and industrial control industries. IXYS Integrated Circuits Division SSR solutions are rapidly replacing older electromechanical devices in many applications and enhancing overall system performance. They continue to develop leadership products that offer higher levels of integration and electrical performance. Less...

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CPC44055ST Voltage-Controlled DeviceCPC44055ST Voltage-Controlled Device - IXYS announces the latest addition to the SuperSIP family, the CPC44055ST 20 ARMS (5 A free-air) AC power switch. The voltage-controlled CPC44055ST is specified with an 800 V peak blocking voltage and features zero-cross turn-on circuitry.  More...

IX4426/7/8M Low-Side Gate DriversIX4426/7/8M Low-Side Gate Drivers - The IX4426/7/8M are the popular IXYS ICD low-cost 4426/7/8 dual low-side gate drivers packaged in a small 3x3 DFN package. The two outputs of the IX4426/7/8M are each capable of sourcing and sinking 1.5 A, and can switch a 1000 pF in less than 10 ns. For higher current requirements, the two outputs can be paralleled for a total of 3 A peak sourcing and sinking current. The IX4426/7/8M have a wide operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 35 V, which is much higher than competitive parts. The inputs are TTL and CMOS compatible and are virtually immune to latch-up.  More...

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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division, formerly Clare, Inc., designs and manufactures optically isolated solid state relays (OptoMOS®), mixed-signal custom ASICs, high-voltage integrated circuits (ICs) and ASSP ICs for the telecommunication, industrial, security, utility, power, and consumer markets. IXYS-Clare's deep heritage in analog/mixed-signal and high-voltage design enables the company to pioneer highly-integrated semiconductor solutions that both replace magnetics and enhance performance in wireline interface applications. With the recent introduction of xDSL DC termination ICs, power solid state relays, high-voltage analog switches, and electroluminescent display driver products, Clare has greatly expanded its product portfolio into other high-growth areas, including medical and display markets. IXYS-Clare houses one of IXYS' four in-house fabs, a CMOS wafer manufacturing facility used to build silicon-on-insulator high voltage ICs for solid state relays and telecom ICs.
IXYS Integrated Circuits Division
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