- Cherry is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of computer keyboards, snap-action and rocker switches, magnetic sensors and controls, and automotive modules. More...

Cherry will continue to invest in the development of innovative standard products for our traditional markets, such as the appliance, automotive, vending and gaming industries. Through the use of these core technology platforms, Cherry will lead the future with custom product developments, targeting growth opportunities in the point-of-sale, non-auto vehicle, security and medical markets. Less...

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Energy Harvesting ProductEnergy Harvesting Product - In today's increasingly connected world, there is a strong demand for easy and flexible data transmission with low-energy consumption. CHERRY's innovative wireless and battery-less energy harvesting technology provides effective solutions in a variety of environments and applications.  More...

Application Showcase

Sensor Animations

Flow Sensor Flow Sensor
The Cherry hall effect magnetic proximity sensor actuates upon sensing the south pole magnetic field from the magnets on the impeller. The speed of the signal will help the customer to determine the flow speed of the liquid. View
Ignition Timing Sensor
Ignition Timing Sensor
Cherry’s hall effect geartooth speed sensors are designed to sense the speed of moving gear teeth. The outputs are open collector transistors and provide a square wave output. When sensing the leading edge of a tooth the speed output goes high (on) and goes low (off) on the lagging edge of the tooth. View
Joystick Throttle Control
Joystick Throttle Control
Cherry’s custom designed pcb allows the joystick designer to place magnets on the joystick in such a way to actuate the hall sensors placed on the pcb to send a signal to throttle controller for forward or reverse operation. View
Magnetic Accelerometer Magnetic Accelerometer
Cherry’s custom designed magnetic accelerometer is designed to overcome the magnetic attraction forces of an actuator mass and allow the mass to accelerate toward the switch to actuate it and stop the motor of the device. View
Proximity Sensor Proximity Sensor
Cherry’s reed proximity sensors are designed to detect the presence of an external magnetic field with sufficient strength to actuate the contacts. View
Solid State Speed Sensor Solid State Speed Sensor
Cherry’s hall effect geartooth speed sensors are designed to sense the speed of moving gear teeth. The outputs are open collector transistors and provide a square wave output. When sensing the leading edge of a tooth the speed output goes high (on) and goes low (off) on the lagging edge of the tooth. View

Switch Animations

Air Flow Paddle Switch Air Flow Paddle Switch
Airflow paddle switches allow designers to use a light force switch with an aluminum paddle actuator to sense airflow. Sufficient airflow will actuate the switch and conversely turn off the switch if there is not enough air flow to move the lever. View
Beverage Dispenser Beverage Dispenser
Cherry’s subminiature switches are placed behind the lever on a beverage dispensing machine. The switch actuates when the cup is pushed against the lever sending a signal to allow the beverage to be dispensed. View
 Dishwasher Float Switch Dishwasher Float Switch
Cherry’s light force miniature switch is placed in the tub of the dishwasher. The switch actuates, shutting off the water supply, when the float is raised to the overflow level. View
Door Interlock Switch
Door Interlock Switch
Cherry’s panel mount switches are used in a variety of door interlock applications from appliances to lottery machines. The switch sends a signal to a controller when the door is opened to either stop a motor or trip an alarm, depending on the application. View
Network Card Hotswap Network Card Hotswap
Cherry’s subminiature and ultra-subminiature switches are placed in the network card rack to detect the presence of the printed circuit board. The switch actuates and sends a signal to the controller when the card is removed. View
Switch Terminology Switch Terminology
Cherry’s switch operating characteristics are explained with this visual display. Simply push the characteristics you are interested in and push the demonstrate button to view the animation and get a written description of the term. View
More about Cherry

ZF Electronics GmbH - Development and prize-winning assembly in Germany

Cherry BuildingZF Electronics GmbH (previously the Cherry Corporation) operates as an independent business field within the ZF group. The company, which was the subject of an acquisition in 2008, develops and produces computer input devices, switching systems, sensor technology and controls for the automobile industry, as well as components for household appliances and industrial applications. The well-known Cherry brand will now be managed under the umbrella of ZF Electronics GmbH in the product segments of Computer Input Devices and Switches and Controls. With around 3,100 employees worldwide, ZF Electronics GmbH generated total sales of approximately €250 million in 2007.

Production in Germany ranges from highly precise standard components to customer-specific, complex mechatronic solutions or electronic control units – everything that customers in the automotive, computer, household appliance, electrical and mechanical engineering sectors require for their applications. Products from ZF Electronics GmbH can thus not only be found in home offices or at the workplace, but also in most European automobiles as well as in household appliances such as refrigerators, oven hobs or irons. The combination of advanced manufacturing processes geared to the highest quality standards with a management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2005 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 has already won a number of distinguished business awards.
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