BUD Industries, Inc.

- Bud Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of enclosures for the electronics and data industries. Noted for innovative design, Bud Industries offers the first stackable plastic electronics enclosure, the first totally transparent NEMA-rated enclosure, and a series of portable aluminum instrument cases that provide portability in applications where it was not previously possible. More...

Other elements in the Bud line include products ranging from small hand held boxes to large cabinet racks and include standard electronic enclosures, custom electronic enclosures, accessories, brackets, card racks, cabinet racks, open racks, server cabinets, and co-location cabinets. These products are available in plastic or metal and can be either a standard design or designed to meet NEMA requirements. Enclosure accessories include shelves, casters, outlet strips, and fans. Modified standard and custom products are also available, as is complete design support. Less...

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  • ANS Enclosures
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  • Avoiding the Top 5 Pitfalls of NEMA Enclosures
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  • Modified Enclosures
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EXT Series Extruded Aluminum EnclosuresEXT Series Extruded Aluminum Enclosures - Bud Industries' EXT extruded aluminum enclosures are made of extruded aluminum AL6063, coated in black powder, and include end panels and hardware. They also include slots in the extrusion for installing PCB and components for a wide range of sizes and applications.  More...

IPG Series IP66 Nylon Cable GlandsIPG Series IP66 Nylon Cable Glands - Bud Industries' IP66 nylon cable glands offer tested quality and a sturdy design for all your NEMA applications. The IPG series covers a full range from PG7 to PG63 with standard thread length and select extra-long thread for thick enclosure walls.  More...

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5 Day Modifications Planning Guide
NEMA and IP Rating Basics

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Large Cabinet Racks

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Enclosure Design Tips Handbook

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More about Bud Industries, Inc.

The selection of a cabinet, enclosure, or other packaging for an electronic product presents the designer or systems integrator with a variety of options from which to choose. While many of these choices will be dictated by the intended application, the designer still needs to take into consideration a variety of details to ensure the most effective design. Bud Industries provides all the resources needed to make these decisions and design the ideal enclosure.

In addition to design resources, Bud Industries can customize the enclosure with custom colors, hole cuts, and gasketing, ensuring the enclosure will meet and exceed the most demanding expectations. Bud industries, Inc., was founded in 1928 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in Phoenix, Arizona. Bud industries can meet all of your enclosure needs.

At Bud, Custom Enclosures are standard, Bud Industries, Inc. has the experts to help you engineer the most cost-effective solutions to your special design needs.

•Complete design support, including CAD-to-CAD email
•State-of-the-art production that relies on low tooling costs and rapid custom product creation
•Unmatched experience in modifying standard products
•Mounting accessories that speed installation time
Bud Industries Custom Enclosures

Digi-Key, in association with Bud Industries, can offer you a quote on your secondary services. For more information on Bud Industries available options or if you need assistance, contact modenclosures@digikey.com. Please send requests or drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address.
Customizing Your Enclosure
  • You can download Bud DXF drawings (CAD Type) for any standard product from our website
  • Make modifications right to those drawings
  • Email them back to us for quotation
 Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
What Bud Can Do
  • Changing sizes
  • Special finishes
  • Installing accessories
  • Adding silk screening
  • Adding holes or cutouts
  • Providing special packaging
  • Offering unique shapes & sizes at low tooling cost
  • Offering EMI/RFI shielding on plastics
Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
It is simple for Bud to take a standard box ...  Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
  • Use their automated equipment to perfectly machine the holes and other modifications for electronics enclosures
  • Their capabilities have recently doubled to do modifications with new equipment and processes - improving deliveries and quality
 Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
  • To create what you need, whether it is simple ...
  •  Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
    • Or much more complex
    • Each hole is created to exacting standards
    • They can also machine slots, special shaped cutouts, and provide silk screening, etc.
     Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
    It Does Not Stop With Modifications  Bud Industries Custom Enclosure Image
    BUD Industries, Inc.
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