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- Founded in 1981, B&B Electronics first product was a simple RS-232 tester. Since then B&B Electronics has had a history of continuous growth and expansion. B&B Electronics designs and manufactures data communications products for commercial and industrial applications. 

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Wzzard™ Intelligent Sensing PlatformWzzard™ Intelligent Sensing Platform - B&B Electronics’ Wzzard intelligent sensing platform is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform featuring edge decision-making. Edge decision-making transcends the traditional SCADA data-reporting model and enables more efficient, intelligent, reliable, and scalable Internet of Things (IoT) networking.  More...

UHR304 USB HubUHR304 USB Hub - The UHR304 from B&B Electronics is an industrial grade, four-port USB hub. It is designed and tested to meet heavy industrial EMC standards and is UL listed for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations. High-retention USB connectors hold standard USB cables tight and are perfect for high-vibration applications - requiring up to 3.4 lbs. force to disconnect them. The UHR304 has 4 kV isolation between the upstream and downstream USB ports to protect expensive equipment from dangerous ground loops and to help ensure data integrity.  More...

More about B&B Electronics

B&B Electronics is at the forefront of rapidly shifting technologies with intelligent M2M - building smarter devices and enabling connectivity from the edge device to the cloud application layer. Our mission is to provide a robust, scalable, flexible and secure connectivity hardware stack that enables solution providers to deploy M2M solutions with the lowest risk and fastest time to market.

Today’s M2M world is changing. What was SCADA is now cloud application platforms. What were local silos of data are now WAN integrated solutions. Connectivity at and beyond the network edge is full of complexities not found in typical IT environments. A mix of technologies, protocols, and pseudo-standards requires a wide portfolio of products and technologies, plus expertise that is gained only through experience. B&B Electronics is known for its products and expert technical support - advising integrators and solutions providers from design all the way to installation.

B&B Electronics has engineered and manufactured rugged, reliable, wired & wireless, M2M connectivity products since 1981. With a legacy of over 3,000,000 wired M2M connections, 500,000 wireless M2M connections and 400,000 connected vehicles, B&B equipment has enabled millions of M2M solutions at the network edge.
RoHS Statement

B&B Electronics is committed to the protection of our environment and takes the necessary steps to meet the challenges of new regulatory requirements as soon as they arise, like the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive of the European Union. We work with suppliers and industry peers to identify and install compatible processes that ensure smooth transition to new technologies.
B&B Electronics
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