AVX Corporation

- AVX Corporation is a recognized leader in the global passive electronic component and interconnect products industry. Each year AVX Corporation accepts the challenge of helping Design Engineers create superior products for their customers utilizing AVX’s cutting edge research, design expertise and materials technology to improve performance and reduce total cost. Worldwide manufacturing capabilities in seventeen countries on four continents allows AVX to meet customers needs on a global basis. More...

AVX serves a broad range of markets including: telecommunications, data processing, automotive, consumer, and medical sectors. A broad array of specialty and advanced product offerings including high power ceramic and low ESR tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, filters, circuit protection products, RF microwave capacitors, KDP oscillators and resonators, varistors, ferrite cores and integrated passive components differentiate AVX as the passive component industry technology leader. AVX will continue to develop new products to meet the exacting demands of its leading edge customers worldwide. Less...

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Digi-Key’s library of more than 2000 exclusive PTM Online… On Demand® product training modules is a collection of training tools created with you – the busy design engineer – in mind. They are provided with the cooperation of participating supplier partners. From this one source, you can learn about the latest products and technologies, download datasheets, check inventory, contact our technical staff, and place an order for same-day shipment.

These modules are available in audio and non-audio formats and listed by supplier in easy-to-find alphabetical order. Simply locate the module that interests you and click on your format of choice. We hope you find these tools useful, and with new modules added continuously, we invite you to stop back often to see what’s new.

Product Training Modules Online...On Demand® is a registered trademark of Digi-Key Corporation.

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Module NamePreviewAudioNon-AudioDurationParts List
  • 0201 Multi-Layer Varistors
2.0MB793KB10 minParts List
  • 32.768KHz Timing Solutions
3.2MB1.3MB5 minParts List
  • 6288 Series Secure Lock ZIF Connectors
1.1MB230KB5 minParts List
  • 9155 Series Battery Connectors
1.5MB544KB5 minParts List
  • 9159 LED Connector Series
2.3MB735KB5 minParts List
  • 9178 Series Connector Overview
1.8MB923KB5 minParts List
  • 9276 Series Poke-Home Connector
1.3MB171KB5 minParts List
  • Air Core Inductors
1.4MB100KB5 minParts List
  • BestCap® Capacitors
1.2MB214KB5 minParts List
  • Component Solutions for Smart Meter Applications
4.7MB1.8MB5 minParts List
  • Components for Alternate Energy Applications
2.4MB659KB5 minParts List
  • FLEXITERM and FLEXISAFE Capacitors
1.7MB552KB5 minParts List
  • High Power Resistive Products
1.2MB215KB5 minParts List
  • High Voltage Capacitors
1.6MB258KB5 minParts List
  • HQ Series Hi-Q® Capacitors
2.2MB940KB5 minParts List
  • Intro to PBRC/V and PRQC Resonators
2.2MB630KB5 minParts List
  • KC7050Y Saw Oscillator
917KB332KB5 minParts List
  • Kyocera Clock Oscillators
1.9MB425KB5 minParts List
  • Kyocera Reduced Noise QM Series
951KB254KB5 minParts List
  • LED Lighting
1.9MB679KB5 minParts List
  • LED Lighting Capacitors
1.8MB634KB5 minParts List
  • LGA Low Inductance MLCC's
1.7MB322KB5 minParts List
  • MLO Inductor
1.0MB337KB5 minParts List
  • OxiCap™ Niobium Oxide Capacitor
1.2KB650KB5 minParts List
  • Power Film Capacitors Overview
4.1MB1.3MB5 minParts List
  • Series 9175/9176/9177 Wire-to-Board IDCs Module
1.8MB453KB5 minParts List
  • Surface Mount FeedThru Filters
1.1MB171KB5 minParts List
  • TCXOs for GPS and Cell Phone Applications
1.0MB467KB5 minParts List
  • Tip and Ring MLCC Capacitors
1.3MB341KB5 minParts List
  • TransGuard Sub pF Varistor
1.0MB200KB5 minParts List
  • TransGuard Transient Protection Components
1.7MB416KB5 minParts List
  • TurboCap™ Capacitors
1.6MB587KB5 minParts List
  • TVS Diode Overview
2.3MB1.4MB10 minParts List
  • UBC Capacitor Overview
1.6MB521KB5 minParts List
  • Ultra-Thin Capacitors Overview
2.5MB1.3MB5 minParts List
  • UQ RF Caps Overview
1.5MB387KB5 minParts List
  • VCAS Series Auto Multi-Layer Varistor
2.4MB840KB5 minParts List
  • Wet Tantalum
1.5MB565KB5 minParts List

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Application Notes

9159 2-Part Connector
9159 SSL Connectors - Just the Facts
9175/9176/9177 Series

Tantalum Capacitors
Oxi-Cap vs Aluminums
An Exploration of Leakage Current
Analysis of Fusing Technology for Tantalum Capacitors
Analysis of Solid Tantalum Capacitor Leakage Current
Application Guidelines on IR Reflow of SMD Solid Tantalum Capacitors
Conductivity Mechanisms and Breakdown Characteristics of Niobium Oxide Capacitors
DC/DC Converter Output Capacitor Benchmark
ESR of Tantalum Capacitors
Failure Modes of Tantalum Capacitors Made by Different Technologies
High CV Tantalum Capacitors - Challenges and Limitations
Increasing Reliability of SMD Tantalum Capacitors in Low Impedance Applications
Investigation into the Effects of Connecting Tantalum Capacitors in Series
Lead-Free Soldering Effect on Tantalum Capacitors
Molded SMD Tantalum vs Conformally Coated
Reliability Management of Tantalum Capacitors
Reverse Voltage Behavior of Solid Tantalum Capacitors
Ripple Rating of Tantalum Chip Capacitors
Solder Reflow Mounting for TAC microchip Tantalum Capacitors
Surge Current Testing of Resin Dipped Tantalum Capacitors
Surge in Solid Tantalum Capacitors
Tantalum Capacitor Benchmark in Portable Audio Applications
Thermal Management of SMD Tantalum Capacitors
Voltage Derating Rules for Solid Tantalum & Niobium Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors
AVX MLCC FLEXITERM Guarding Against Capacitor Crack Failures
Comparison of Multilayer Ceramic & Tantalum Capacitors
Conduction & Failure Mechanisms in Barium Titanate Based Ceramics
Cracks: The Hidden Defects
Low-Voltage Performance of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Parameter Important for Surface Mount Applications of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Parasitic Inductance of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Reliability of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors After Thermal Shock
Stacked Ceramic Caps Brave High Temperatures
Surface Mount Soldering Techniques & Thermal Shock in Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Decoupling & Low Inductors
Decoupling: Basics
Improved Noise Suppression via MLCs in Power-Entry Decoupling
Interconnect Schemes for Low Inductance Ceramic Capacitors
Introduction to Choosing MLC Capacitors for Bypass/Decoupling Applications
Low Inductance Capacitors for Digital Circuits
So Many Electronics, So Little Time - The Need for Low Inductance Capacitors
The Effects of ESR & ESL in Digital Decoupling Applications

Film Capacitors
Evolution of Power Capacitors for Electric Vehicles
Film Technology to Replace Electrolytic Technology in Wind Power Applications

BestCap: A New Dimension in Fast Supercapacitors
Evolution of Supercapacitors
Proton Polymer - The Key to Low ESR Double Layer Supercapacitors for High Voltage Applications

RF Microwave/Thin Film
A Performance Comparison of Thin-Film and Wirewound Inductors
A Review of High Frequency Passive Component Technologies for RF Design Applications
Accu-P Thin-Film Capacitors Act as Band Reject Filters
Benefits of Thin Film Dielectric Chip Capacitors at VHF, UHF, and Higher Frequencies
Energy and Power Handling Capabilities of Thin Film and Ceramic Capacitors
Recommended Mounting Pad Dimensions for SQ Series RF Devices
Recommended Mounting Pad Dimensions for Thin Film RF Devices
Recommended Mounting Pad Dimensions for U Series Capacitors
The Accu-L Multilayer Inductor for High Frequency Applications
Thin Film Filter Design & Technology
Thin Film Passives in RF/Microwave Circuits

SMPS Capacitors
DC/DC Converter Output Capacitor Benchmark

Tools and Software

AVX Component Simulator
AVX Spice Software
Coilcraft to AVX Air Core Inductor Cross Reference
Resonator vs. IC Matching Search

Spice Software
SpiCALCI 7.0
Select-A-Cap 6.1 (Tantalum and Niobium Oxide Capacitors)
SpiCap 3.0 (Ceramic Chip Capacitors)
SpiTan III 1.2 (Tantalum and Niobium Oxide Capacitors)
SpiMic (AVX Microwave Series Capacitors)

Product Information

Capacitors/Capacitor Arrays
Cracking Resistant MLC Capacitors OxiCap™ Niobium Oxide Capacitors
Leaded MLC Capacitors Tantalum Leaded Capacitors
Low Inductance Capacitors Tantalum Polymer Capacitors
MLC Capacitor Arrays Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors
MLC Surface Mount MLC Capacitors
Capacitors, Specialty
BestCap Hi-Volt MLCC
Leaded SV/SK Tip & Ring

Circuit Protection Products
AccuGuard Fuses Feedthru
Transguard Multiguard

Memory Card IDC Wire to Board

Crystals Oscillators

RF/Microwave Products
Low Pass Filters Thin Film Inductors
RF Capacitors
More about AVX Corporation

AVX Corporation is a leading international supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions with 24 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

The company is organized into three main segments consisting of Passive Components, KED Resale, and Interconnect devices. The passive component segment consists primarily of surface mount and leaded ceramic capacitors, RF thick film and thin film components, tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic and film power capacitors, super capacitors, EMI filters, thick and thin film packages, varistors, thermistors, inductors and resistive products. The KED Resale segment includes ceramic capacitors, frequency control devices, SAW devices, resistive products, RF modules, actuators, acoustic devices and connector products produced by Kyocera Electronics Corporation. The connectors segment consists primarily of automotive, telecom and memory connectors manufactured by AVX.

AVX is in every area of the world and in every market in the world. AVX is in space with the Moon and Mars programs. We are in orbit with satellites, the Hubble telescope and in the air with aircraft and missiles. AVX is in your pocket with cell phones and MP3 players, in the home and office with TVs and computers. We are in cars with GPS, engine management and in the body with pacemakers and defibrillators. AVX is everywhere electronics is used in this new age of Electronics.

AVX passive products, multi-function advanced components and connectors are woven throughout our customers’ products for solid business reasons. Our products are the result of a business strategy that values first-to-market innovation, long-term customer relationships, and mission-critical reliability.

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AVX Receives 2008 Frost & Sullivan Award
AVX Corporation
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