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About Reference Design Library

Instead of searching many manufacturer sites or calling on companies to find and compare designs, now you can search for designs based on the circuit’s performance using Digi-Key’s Reference Design Library.

The Reference Design Library was created in order to:

  • Save Engineers time
  • Deliver ideas, fast
  • Sift through designs based on performance
  • Provide designs conveniently accompanied by their schematics

Visit often as new designs are being added weekly and improvements will be made based on your constructive feedback.

Newest Designs

NCP1562-100WGEVB: 3.3V @ 30A, 33 ~ 76V in, Buck

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

The NCP1562 PWM controller contains all the features and flexibility needed to implement an active clamp forward dc−dc converter. This IC operates from an input supply up to 150 V, thus covering the input voltages usually found in telecom, datacom and 42 V automotive systems. One can also note that the NCP1562 can be used in mains related applications (e.g. desktop, server, flat TVs) as it can be …

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NCP1532GEVB: 2x 0.9~3.3V @ 1A, 2.7 ~ 5.5V in, Buck

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

The NCP1532 dual step down DCDC converter is a monolithic integrated circuit dedicated to supply core and I/O voltages of new multimedia design in portable applications powered from 1−cell Li−ion or 3 cell Alkaline/ NiCd / NiMH batteries. Both channels are externally adjustable from 0.9 V to 3.3 V and can source totally up to 1.6 A, 1.0 A maximum per channel. Converters are running at 2.25 MHz sw…

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NCP1599GEVBOS: 1.8V @ 3A, 3 ~ 5.5V in, Buck


The NCP1599 is a fixed 1 MHz, high-output-current, synchronous PWM converter that integrates a low-resistance, high-side P-channel MOSFET and a low-side N-channel MOSFET. The NCP1599 utilizes internally compensated current mode control to provide good transient response, ease of implementation, and excellent loop stability. It regulates input voltages from 3.0 V to 5.5 V down to an output voltage …

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