ATEVK1012A: 1 Button/Proximity Sensor, 1.8~5.5V in

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The AT42QT1012 (QT1012) is a single key device featuring a touch on/touch off (toggle) output with a programmable auto switch-off capability. It can also be configured as a proximity sensor.

The QT1012 is a digital burst mode charge-transfer (QT™) Sensor designed specifically for touch controls. It includes all hardware and signal processing functions necessary to provide stable sensing under a wide variety of changing conditions; only low cost, noncritical components are required for operation. With its tiny low-cost SOT-23 package, this device can suit almost any product needing a power switch or other toggle-mode controlled function, especially power control of small appliances and battery-operated products.

A unique “green” feature of the QT1012 is the timeout function, which can turn off power after a specified time delay ranging from minutes to an hour.

Like all QTouch® devices, the QT1012 features automatic self-calibration, drift compensation, and spread-spectrum burst modulation in order to provide for the most reliable touch sensing possible.

Manufacturer Atmel
Category Sensor Solutions
Sub-Category Capacitive Sensing
Number & Type of Sensors
1 Button
Auto Off
Toggle Mode
Application / Target Market
MP3 Players
Portable Devices
Component Count + Extras
8 + 7
Design Author
Main I.C.
Quiescent Current [Typical]
124 µA (5V)
Voltage In
1.8 ~ 5.5 V
3 V