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The Texas Instruments TRF7970A evaluation module (EVM) is intended to be used by to demonstrate the capabilities of the TRF7970A and help aid in the development process by providing a working hardware / firmware reference example for traditional HF (13.56 MHz) RFID and also NFC Forum operations.

The TRF7970A EVM features include:

  • Support for: – ISO15693 standard based transponders – ISO14443 standard based transponders (Types A and B) – NFC Forum modes (RFID reader\writer, peer to peer, and card emulation)
  • FeliCa™ based transponders (UID read only)
  • Standalone polling mode for quick demonstration of transponder detection
  • Communication with host software graphical user interface (GUI) via USB VCP

    The TRF7970A EVM also has the following hardware features specifically for development purposes:

  • MSP430F2370 ultra-low power microcontroller with JTAG connectivity to development environment for custom firmware development.
  • Parallel or SPI connectivity via 0-Ω jumpers
  • Logic analyzer/oscilloscope test points for relevant signal observation during code development
  • SMA (edge mount and through-hole) pads for connecting customer designed magnetic dipole circuit
  • Manufacturer Texas Instruments
    Category Wireless Communication
    Sub-Category RFID
    Eval Board Part Number 296-29475-ND
    Eval Board Supplier Texas Instruments
    Eval Board
    Normally In Stock
    Certified ISO14443A
    Certified ISO14443B
    Certified ISO15693
    Certified Tag-It
    GUI / Design Software
    SPI Interface
    Design Author
    Texas Instruments
    Switching Frequency
    13.56 MHz
    Component Count + Extras
    74 + 2
    Main I.C.